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Which of the drought indices are the best one, for monitoring drought events?

Several drought indices have been derived in recent decades. A number of different indices have been developed to quantify a drought, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. According to different researches (Rossi et al., 2003; Morid et al., 2006; Mishra and Singh, 2010; Salehnia et al., 2017 AgMerra Drought), it depends on different factors, such as the case of study’s climate, field of research, the period of historical data, the quality of input data, the quantity of climate data available and on the ability of the index to consistently detect spatial and temporal variations. Every of drought indices is calculated from a unique equation. Therefore, we can’t specify which of them are the best, maybe it is better to apply all of them then according to the result and the past drought events, we can judge the proper one.