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Yearly tas map of RCP45 data GFDL-ESM2M CMIP5(2030 to 2039) - Arizona

These are the maps of GFDL-ESM2M model under RCP45 scenarios over Arizona state. The maps have been produced from 2030 to 2039 over Arizona state. This series related to CMIP5 collection for tas in Yearly scale. The fifth Coupled Model Intercomparison Project(CMIP5) was used in support of the 5th assessment report (AR5) of the IPCC, published in 2013 and 2014. These data are a daily average of tas. The tas data are raw data of GFDL-ESM2M without any downscaling. The GFDL-ESM2M has a grid size of 144*90 with a horizontal resolution 2.5*2.0225 degree.

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