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ET Value From MODIS Data-Mod16A2 Downloader

Mod16A2 Downloader can download Mod16A2 HDF files consecutive.

You can order to AgriMetSoft for adding other MODIS products or source of data to the downloader.

Vertical Tile Number:
Horizontal Tile Number:

Find Your Vertical / Horizontal Tile Number on this page: MODIS Grids

Start Date:
End Date:

Delay time:

Choose Key File:

You can find the keys file for 2001 on this link

You can buy the keys file for 2001-up-to-now on this link

For more information please contact to Mod16A2 Downloader is under testing so please contact to AgriMetSoft for run it.

Mod16A2 Downloader can work just in Chrome. If you use it in another browser such as firefox so maybe you face with difficulties.

You can watch this video to know about Mod16A2 Downloader MOD16A2 HDF files Downloader - MODIS Product.

MOD16A2 Downloader step-by-step

Example: We want to download MOD16A2 HDF files of Iran (h22v05) in 2001

  1. Firstly we should buy the 'Keys file' from AgriMetSoft
  2. Vist MOD16A2 Downloader
  3. Change Vertical and Horizental Tile Number
  4. Select time to favorite
  5. Select "delay between downloads". It's based on user net speed.

If you select a low value of 'delay', maybe It does not download one or more of files.

If you choose more value of 'delay', it may take a lot of time.

The price of 'Keys File' is 1$ for each year but for complete keys (2001-to-2019) you would pay 11.95$ in our Store Visit Store or directly on Mod16A2 Downloader

How to use Mod16A2 Downloader?

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