Agricultural and Meteorological Software

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Name Ver. Short description Cost Discount Level Links to pages
RDIT 1.0 User friendly software for calculating rain-based drought indices and severity 44.95$ Level one Rain-based Drought Indices Tool
DMAP 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 A unique software for monitoring and prediction drought and severity. It has database over the world for Rain and PET. User can input data in excel, text, csv and NetCDF format. 299$, 499$, 699$ Level 1 Drought Monitoring And Prediction
KNN-WG 1.0 A windows software for generating weather data based knn method and comparesion with other models 34.95$ Level one KNN Weather Generator
KNN-WG 1.1 This version is same as version 1.1 but the user can run N-times and ensemble the outputs. The user can plot various graphs. 44.95$ Level one KNN Weather Generator
Netcdf-Extractor 1.0 and 1.1 This is a software for extract time series from nc or nc4 files, specially CMIP5 netcdf files. 34.95$ Level one Netcdf Extractor
Netcdf-Extractor 2.0 In this version user can merge many nc files and extract once. 44.95$ Level one Netcdf Extractor
Netcdf-Extractor 2.1 We add heatmap and contour graphs in this version. 54.95$ Level one Netcdf Extractor
MDM 1.0 It is a software for calculating meteorological drought indices. Free Level 4 Overview of MDM
KBDIS 1.0 You can calculate KBDI(Keetch-Byram Drought Index) by KBDIS and plot graphs. Free Level 4 Keetch-Byram Drought Index Software
Rotation Coordinate based on Cordex Domains 1.0 This tool can convert non-rotated coordinate to rotated coordinate and vice versa. The pivot of rotations is based on CORDEX domains. Free Level 4 Cordex Rotation
CRUP 1.0 CRUP can present Tmax for your coordinate and draw trend line based on CRU data. Free Level 4 CRU Presenter
NetCDF Viewer 1.0 NetCDF Viewer can view variables, attributes, and one dimension data in each netcdf files. Free Level 4 NetCDF Viewer
PADE 1.0 PADE prepare AgMerra rainfall data for any point in Punjub and convert it to monthly, daily, rowly, and columnar. It can save data to excel or pdf. Free Level 4 PADE
SD-GCM 1.0 A software for statistical downscaling by 3 methods. 199$ Level 1 Statistical Downscaling of General Circulation Models
CORDEX Data Extractor 1.0 This tool is a desktop windows software for extracting data from CORDEX NetCDF file. 69$ Level 2 CORDEX Data Extractor
Data Tool(Excel add-ins) 1.0 This tool is an excel add-ins for reshape data and calculating efficiency coefficient such as RMSE, Nash–Sutcliffe model,. This tool can convert daily data to monthly and seasonally. 7.99$ One Month Level 3 Data Tool
Open NC File 1.0 "Open NC File" can open and read data by using list of coordinates of stations. The user can input the list of stations manually or by file. 79$ Level 2 Open NC File
Mod16A2 Downloader * Private Use Mod16A2 Downloader can download Mod16A2 HDF files consecutive 1$ Level 3 Mod16A2 Downloader
NetCDF Matlab * Private Use NetCDF Matlab can convert NetCDF files or each NetCDF variable to Mat file (Matlab Data File) 18.95$ Level 2 NetCDF Matlab
MOD16A2 Data Extractor * Private Use MOD16A2 Data Extractor is a tool for extracting data from HDF files of MODIS product --$ Level 2 MOD16A2 Data Extractor
* Private Use means the researchers in AgriMetSoft are using the software in scientific projects. If you want to use please contact to

Discount Levels:

Level one: Without discount.

Level 2: It has 50% discount for golden customers and has 30% discount for silver customers.

Level 3: It's Free for golden customers and has 50% discount for silver customers.

Level 4: Free for all researchers.