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AgriMetSoft (Agricultural and meteorological software)

According to latest report of IPCC (AR5), Global mean surface air temperatures over land and oceans have increased over the last 100 years. Global mean near-surface air temperature has risen by around 0.85 C from 1880 to 2012 and at 0.12 C per decade since 1951. The amount of precipitation will be variable, some regions will experience increases, other regions will experience decreases and yet others will not experience significant changes at all (IPCC, AR5).

Regarding to this points, we can understand that to deal with climate change, we need to know it well, whether by new scientific publications and reports or new software and tools. In this regard, Agrimetsoft's goal is to develop various user-friendly software applications that they can assist to scholars, researchers, and scientists to investigate, evaluate and assess these changes through this softwares.

A variety of software packages related to meteorological, Agricultural and climate sciences are developed, maintained, and supported by the Agrimetsoft. In one of our products, we apply CMIP5 data outputs and new statistical downscaling to produce future weather data that they can be use in agricultural models inputs to depict better agricultural insight for future.

In every software we present a comprehensive help file. All the help files are intended to provide detailed information and contained extensive set of figures and descriptions for researchers and decision makers to implement softwares in an easy way, and without any concerns! Behind every software, there is a perfect paper that has been written by researchers of Agrimetsoft. There are two categories of softwares: some of them are free, and others are commercial (due to cover part of expenses!)

How may we assist you?

Sometimes scholars and researchers have problems for running and applying different tools, models or approaches, such as : extracting nc (Netcdf) files, using CMIP5 future data under RCP (RCP4.5, RCP8.5, RCP6, and RCP2.6) scenarios, run weather generators (such as KNN weather tool), extracting time series from CORDEX Netcdf files under different dynamical downscaling methods, run different statistical downscaling methods (such as Scaling, Delta, Quantile mapping, Empirical Quantile Mapping, etc.), Applying drought indices in every kind of droughts (meteorological droughts, agricultural droughts, and hydrological droughts) such as SPI, DI, PNI, ZSI, CZDI, MCZI, KBDI, RAI, EDI, PDSI, SPEI, SWSI, SDI, ARI, ETDI, SMD, and etc. Calculating of drought severity and duration. Using gridded dataset (such as PERSIANN, AgMERRA, TRMM, APHRODITE, GPC, CRU, and etc), and other different meteorological-agricultural-climate projects. Don't worry in this situation, just visit order page and tell us your demands.

We believe that extensive engagement with users has led us to improve our productions and tools, furthermore through our user’s ideas, we can develop new productions.

Every researcher requires scientific new tools to implement and assess their data and equations for achieving better results. Please send us email (, and help us to improve our tools or may be develop new applications that you want.

All AgriMetSoft's Products

Name Short description Links to pages


User friendly software for calculating rain-based drought indices and severity

Rain-based Drought Indices Tool


A unique software for monitoring and prediction drought and severity. It has database over the world for Rain and PET. User can input data in excel, text, csv and NetCDF format.

Drought Monitoring And Prediction


A windows software for generating weather data based knn method and comparesion with other models

KNN Weather Generator


A windows tool for extract time series from nc or nc4 files, Netcdf Extractor can merge many nc files and extract once.

Netcdf Extractor


NetCDF Viewer can open and show all netcdf files.

Netcdf Viewer


It is a software for calculating meteorological drought indices.

Overview of MDM


You can calculate KBDI(Keetch-Byram Drought Index) by KBDIS and plot graphs.

Keetch-Byram Drought Index Software

Rotation Coordinate based on Cordex Domains

This tool can convert non-rotated coordinate to rotated coordinate and vice versa. The pivot of rotations is based on CORDEX domains.

Cordex Rotation


CRUP can present Tmax for your coordinate and draw trend line based on CRU data.

CRU Presenter


PADE prepare AgMerra rainfall data for any point in Punjub and convert it to monthly, daily, rowly, and columnar. It can save data to excel or pdf.



A software for statistical downscaling in 3 methods.

Statistical Downscaling of General Circulation Models

CORDEX Data Extractor

This tool is a desktop windows software for extracting data from CORDEX NetCDF file.

CORDEX Data Extractor

Data Tool(Excel add-ins)

Data tool is an excel add-ins for reshape data and calculating efficiency coefficient such as RMSE, Nash–Sutcliffe model, etc. Data tool can convert daily data to monthly and seasonally.

Data Tool

Open NC File

"Open NC File" can open and read data by using list of coordinates of stations. The user can input the list of stations manually or by file.

Open NC File

Mod16A2 Downloader

Mod16A2 Downloader can download Mod16A2 HDF files consecutive

Mod16A2 Downloader

NetCDF Matlab

NetCDF Matlab can convert NetCDF files or each NetCDF variable to Mat file (Matlab Data File)

NetCDF Matlab

MOD16A2 Data Extractor

MOD16A2 Data Extractor is a tool for extracting data from HDF files of MODIS product

MOD16A2 Data Extractor


Free Online Calculators for helping researchers to calculate efficiency criteria.


Download Tools

It is a website that on the website, you can easily find out more than 13000 software tools and related descriptions.

Download Tools

Distributions Calculator

This is an online tool for fitting and calculating distributions.

Distributions Calculator

Regression Calculators

This is a free Online Calculators for calculating regressions.

Regression Calculators

Taylor Diagram

Draw Taylor Diagram by this Software.

Taylor Diagram

Bundles of Products

Name Of Bundle Products In Bundle Original Price Saved Value Price Of Bundle Links

Meteorologist Software Tools 1

RDIT, KNN-WG V1.1, Netcdf-Extractor V2.1





Meteorologist Software Tools 2

RDIT, KNN-WG V1.1, Open NC File





Meteorologist Software Tools 3

RDIT, KNN-WG V1.1, Open NC File, Data-Tool





Drought Prediction

RDIT, Netcdf-Extractor V2.1





KNN Compare

KNN-WG V1.1, Netcdf-Extractor V2.1





NetCDF Tools

Open NC File V1.1 and Netcdf-Extractor V2.1 and CordexDataExtractor and Netcdf-Matlab and Data-Tool





Statistical Downscaling

SD-GCM V2.0, Taylor Diagram Software, Data-Tool, Open NC File V1.1, NetCDF-Extractor V2.1





All Tools

The last version of all tools.

Near 1700$ *

Near 600$ *



All Tools for a Lifetime

The last version of all tools for a Lifetime.

Near 3400$ *

Near 1200$ *



* The original and saved price will change by publishing new versions.

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