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What is MODIS Products?

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) is an instrument aboard two NASA satellites: Terra (launched in 1999) and Aqua (launched in 2002). It captures data in multiple spectral bands, providing global coverage of the Earth's surface every 1 to 2 days. MODIS is one of the key instruments for Earth observation, used for various scientific research, environmental monitoring, and natural resource management applications.

MODIS products refer to the various data products derived from the measurements taken by the MODIS instrument. These products encompass a wide range of Earth science data, including measurements related to land, ocean, atmosphere, and cryosphere. Some common types of MODIS products include:

  1. Land Products: These include data related to land cover, vegetation indices, land surface temperature, and surface reflectance.

  2. Ocean Products: MODIS provides data on ocean color, sea surface temperature, chlorophyll concentration, and ocean surface wind speed, among others.

  3. Atmosphere Products: These products consist of data on cloud properties, aerosol optical thickness, water vapor content, and atmospheric temperature profiles.

  4. Cryosphere Products: MODIS offers data on snow cover, ice extent, and other cryospheric variables.

The availability of these diverse MODIS products has significantly advanced our understanding of Earth's systems and processes, enabling researchers and scientists to study various environmental phenomena on a global scale. These products are freely accessible to the public and the scientific community, allowing for a wide range of applications in climate research, environmental monitoring, and disaster management, among other fields.

What is MODIS Data Extractor?

The MODIS Data Extractor is a user-friendly Windows software designed to effortlessly extract time series data from HDF files of MODIS Products, whether it's a single file or multiple files. This powerful tool handles all projection processes automatically through the utilization of the UCAR Netcdf library, simplifying the user experience.

To begin the extraction process, the user only needs to provide some basic information about the files or specify the regions of interest. The tool ensures accurate and efficient data extraction.

Furthermore, the extracted data can be conveniently saved to an Excel file, allowing for easy access and further analysis. With its straightforward interface and automated processes, the MODIS Data Extractor provides a seamless solution for researchers and scientists seeking to obtain time series data from MODIS Products in a hassle-free manner.

How can we use MODIS Data Extractor?

Revised: The MODIS Data Extractor is a powerful tool designed to extract data from MODIS HDF files. We have made efforts to include all the variables produced through MOD16A2 for easy data extraction. With this tool, users can effortlessly extract data for a specific point or region of interest.

To begin the extraction process, the first step is to select the HDF files. Users have the flexibility to choose one or multiple files.

Regarding the boundary of extraction, the tool offers several options:

  1. Users can enter a list of stations directly or import it from a file into the list.
  2. Alternatively, they can use a specific point or station by entering latitude and longitude coordinates.
  3. Users also have the option to define a rectangular region by providing the start and end points of latitude and longitude.
  4. The tool allows for the use of a saved region, which users can create and store on the second tab. A detailed explanation is available in the accompanying video.

The most crucial step is to enter the variable items. Users need to provide the Group, Subgroup, and Variable Name. For convenience, an icon in the top bar allows users to view the content of the files and select the appropriate items. Usually, these items are separated with a "/".

Important to note, all the HDF files used as input should have similar tiles and variables. Users can find the tiles corresponding to their region of interest through the provided link, ensuring consistency in the extraction process.

The HDF files of Modis products are available on this FTP server

MODIS Data Extractor

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The license of this tool is applicable for one year of using and you can renew it by pay 20% of the price for the new year.