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Explore Tailored Solutions with AgriMetSoft. From custom software development to seamless project execution, we offer comprehensive services to meet your needs. Whether you require personalized tools or prefer us to handle your projects using our software, we've got you covered. Our expert team ensures top-quality results, providing flexibility and convenience every step of the way. Simply place your order, and our team will handle the rest, delivering results in your preferred format, whether it's tables, graphs, Excel files, or any other data format you require. Our extensive range of services goes beyond product boundaries, encompassing:

Statistical Downscaling GCMs

Statistical downscaling of CMIP5 or CMIP6 Models for your station data is a specialized service offered by AgriMetSoft. Through 3 statistical techniques, we refine global climate models to provide localized climate projections tailored to your specific geographic location. By analyzing historical climate data and leveraging state-of-the-art downscaling methodologies, we enhance the accuracy and resolution of climate projections for your station, enabling better-informed decision-making in agriculture, water resource management, and environmental planning.

Bias Correction

Our Bias Correction service offers tailored solutions to enhance the accuracy of gridded datasets by incorporating station-specific data. By meticulously aligning the grid data with localized station observations, we mitigate biases and ensure optimal accuracy for your specific geographic area. Additionally, our expertise extends to downscaling CMIP5 or CMIP6 Models, enabling seamless integration with a diverse range of gridded datasets such as AgMERRA, APHRODITE, PERSIANN, CRU, GLEAM, and beyond. Through this process, we refine large-scale climate model outputs to match the resolution of your chosen gridded data, facilitating precise analysis and decision-making for your projects.


Our service specializes in the extraction and conversion of data from NetCDF files, ensuring seamless access to valuable information contained within these files. We employ advanced techniques to efficiently extract data while preserving its integrity and accuracy. Our expertise extends to converting the extracted data into various formats, catering to the specific needs of our clients.

Convert Weather Data

Our weather data conversion service offers a seamless transformation of weather data stored in Excel format, from any original time scale, into daily, monthly, or yearly summaries. Our expert team ensures accurate and efficient conversion, enabling you to derive valuable insights and make informed decisions with ease.


Our service provides comprehensive drought index calculations globally, customized to your requirements. Whether using your data or accessing extensive global databases, we accurately determine drought indexes and severity. Our expertise ensures precise analysis, facilitating strategic decision-making and risk management. We can do it for the prediction of drought using GCM data.


This service involves the creation of sophisticated scientific graphs using our tools or NCL (NCAR Command Language). We specialize in generating a variety of graphical representations, including the Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF), Probability Density Function (PDF), BoxPlot, IsoLine, HeatMap, Taylor Diagram, and more. These graphs are meticulously crafted to visually represent complex data sets, aiding in the analysis and interpretation of scientific data. Our expertise in NCL and our tools ensures high-quality, customizable graphical outputs tailored to meet your specific research or analytical needs.


Synthetic weather data generation utilizes advanced models like KNN-WG to simulate realistic weather patterns. These models analyze historical weather data to generate synthetic datasets, providing valuable insights for various applications such as agricultural planning, risk assessment, and climate research. With AgriMetSoft's expertise, clients can access accurate and reliable synthetic weather data tailored to their specific needs.


Our service includes the development of customized scripts using Matlab, NCL, or C#. Whether you need data analysis, visualization, modeling, or any other computational task, our expert team can create tailored scripts to meet your specific requirements. From algorithm implementation to graphical user interface design, we ensure that the scripts are efficient, reliable, and seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Trust us to deliver high-quality solutions that streamline your processes and empower your projects.

Missing Data

Our service specializes in estimating missing climate data through advanced methodologies. Leveraging neighboring station data or historical records, we employ a range of techniques such as Multiple Linear Regression (MLR), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), and Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW). By analyzing the relationships and patterns within the available data, we accurately fill in missing values to enhance the completeness and reliability of climate datasets. Our tailored approach ensures accurate imputations, facilitating informed decision-making and analysis for various applications across sectors.

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