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Ordering Agricultural And Meteorological Software

Order Services

AgriMetSoft encourages you to order your new desirable software for achieving your goals. We can develop every software according to your request with high quality. Furthermore, if you want to use available software on the website but you can't run them correctly, please order to researcher’s team of AgriMetSoft to run them. Then, they'll process your request and send the results to you in the appropriate format. The outputs and results including tables, graphs, excel file and data in every format that you want. Your request doesn’t limit to our products. Our services can be select as the following list:

  • Statistical downscaling of CMIP5 Models over your station data

  • Statistical downscaling of CMIP5 Models over Gridded data (such as AgMERRA, APHRODITE, PERSIANN, CRU, GLEAM, AND etc.)

  • Extract data from your NetCDF file(s) and convert it to other formats.

  • Convert weather data from all formats to other formats

  • Calculate drought indices for all over the world with or without your data

  • Plot scientific graphs such as CDF, PDF, BoxPlot, IsoLine, HeatMap, and etc.

  • Generate weather data with synthetic models such as KNN, Lars-WG or...

  • Create scripts in Matlab and NCL

You can order Service as the following steps:

  1. Fill in order form carefully and send it.

  2. AgriMetSoft review your order and tell you about the possibility, time and price via your email.

  3. If you want to continue you can pay in FastSpring

  4. AgriMetSoft will send to you contract notice.

  5. If you accept it we start your project.

  6. Finally, the result will send to you in according to the contract

The price depends on your work but usually, AgriMetSoft receives the amount based on the time it takes. You would pay in our store on this Link. But the price in store is based on one day.