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Statistical comparisons of model predictions with thought-to-be reliable and pairwise matched observations remain among the most basic means of assessing model performance in the climatic and environmental sciences. In the comparison of various statistical procedures, efficiency is a measure of the quality of an estimator, of experimental design.

When you want to analyze your experiments and results of a model, you should know whether the result of a measurement can be accepted with confidence or, on the contrary, rejected because it is wrong. It is crucial, also, to know whether an analysis method is suitable for the intended use. The statistical data analysis in analytical method validation, to optimize the number of assays and satisfy the study of validation criteria

Since run different tests are not easy to run and need different tools or software, so Agrimetsoft has implemented various tests for the ease of running, indeed Several methods for quantifying the goodness-of-fit of observations against model-calculated values have been published in this calculator. In this calculator, the presented efficiency criteria are including Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSE), Index of agreement (d), Mean Absolute Error (MAE), Mean Bias Error (MBE), Deviation of Gain (DG), Deviation of runoff volumes (Dv), Normalized Root Mean Square Error (NRMSE), Kendall rank correlation, Kling-Gupta efficiency (KGE), Pearson correlation coefficient, Relative bias in percent (RE), Correlation Coefficient, and several other tests.

In order to better understand the statistical analysis of raw data, in each section, the main equation of the used test has been shown, and the user can apply the test by entering both data and run the test in a while. Use the calculator and if you know other crucial tests just let Agrimetsoft know for adding them in the calculator.

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