NetCDF Viewer

NetCDF Viewer is the first NetCDF tool that has been developed by AgriMetSoft. NetCDF Viewer can show the variables of your files and present how many dimensions each variable has. NetCDF Viewer shows to the user how many elements are there in a dimension. With NetCDF Viewer, the user can view global attributes or attributes of each variable. NetCDF Viewer can reveal the data of each variable which has one dimension.

NetCDF Extractor

NetCDF Extractor is a Windows software designed to extract and save time series data from NetCDF and NetCDF4 files. This latest version of NetCDF Extractor enables users to extract data from multiple NetCDF files simultaneously. To do so, users simply need to load all NetCDF files simultaneously before initiating the extraction process.

NetCDF Matlab

NetCDF Matlab enables users to read and convert any NetCDF files into Mat-files. This straightforward Windows tool simplifies the process: users open a NetCDF file, which then displays its variables in a list. From there, users can select individual variables or choose to convert all variables to Mat-files. A recent update includes the addition of a new variable to the list, incorporating saved global attributes for user selection when converting to Mat-files.

Open NC File

Recommended: "Open NC File" is equipped to effortlessly open and read data using station coordinates. Users can input station lists manually or via file upload. Supported file formats include text, Excel, and CSV. Additionally, this tool allows users to merge multiple NetCDF files seamlessly. Capable of handling any NetCDF dataset with three-dimensional variables (time, latitude, longitude), the latest version, 1.1, introduces enhanced features. Users can now extract data for any rectangular region and save it in CSV, TXT, or Excel formats. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, "Open NC File" streamlines the process of extracting data from NetCDF files, making your tasks simpler and more efficient.