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Netcdf Extractor V2.0
Merge NetCDF files and extract once.

NetCDF Extractor is used in this paper: Evaluation of different gridded rainfall datasets for rainfed wheat yield prediction in an arid environment

What is NetCDF Extractor V2.0?

It is a windows software for the view, convert, and extract data from .nc and .nc4 files. This version can extract time series from several nc files, simultaneously. When a user wants to extract data from several files of nc format, simultaneously, he/she requires to load them at a same time with together. In the first version of NetCDF Extractor, the user can load one file to extract desirable region, so AgriMetSoft has developed the new version of NetCDF Extractor (NetCDF Extractor V.2.0) for extracting many files at once.

If the user wants to load the files one by one, it will be a time consuming and tedious process and this process is prone to error. With this software, the user can save his/her time, and the user can quickly do the extract process. In the first version of NetCDF Extractor, there is not any option for calculating the grid number of the favorable area. One of the most advantages of the NetCDF Extractor V.2.0 software is that: it has a calculator tool. In this calculator by entering the latitude and longitude of the desirable region (case study), the user can view the grid number of that region.

Another advantage is that: there are two new options in comparison to the first version. In the latest version (V.2.0), Agrimetsoft has added two buttons: 1- "Sum", 2- "Average". By clicking on these options, the user can easily calculate the average and the sum values of the selected area (grids). It will be so applicable for the researchers, due to easy comparison. In fact, this tool is the nc file viewer, nc file converter, and nc file extractor. You can use it free as a NetCDF file viewer.

NetCDF Extractor V2.1 is the same as NetCDF Extractor V2.0, but it has an API for plotting contour and heatmap graphs and a button for exporting all extracted data without getting average. In NetCDF Extractor Version 2.1, there is an advantage to merging the files that they have not an unlimited dimension or has no time dimension.Download API Help

Usually, the NetCDF files have three or more dimensions, whereas the text or csv files just have two dimensions. For example, in a NetCDF file which has three dimensions (lat, lon, and time), If you want to convert the NetCDF variable to text file, so, you can convert each time to a Text or csv file, or you can use NetCDF Extractor Version 2.1. In this version of NetCDF Extractor, you can save the NetCDF file in two styles, and then save it in a CSV file or Text file.

If you save your data in Style 1 so you will have blue table and If you save your data in Style 2 so you will have orange table.

Netcdf Extractor

Notice: If you want save a huge data to csv or text so, it depends on the ability of your system. You need high RAM on your system.

What are the abilities of NetCDF Extractor?
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