Can the Netcdf Extractor open and extract CSIRO nc files?

Yes, It can extract any nc files but if you want to be sure, you can download NetCDF extractor, then open it CSIRO nc file and do the extraction. If the software asks the key, It can extract your files. The NetCDF Extractor software tool is an easy and applicable tool for all users to extract their aim station or rectangular region from the main files. The NetCDF Extractor can merge NetCDF files and extract time series from netcdf files. This tool is flexible to run for various datasets such as CMIP5 models, AgMERRA datasets, Aphrodite, CRU, CORDEX, and etc. In fact, this tool is a NetCDF viewer, NetCDF converter, and NetCDF extractor. You can use it free as a Netcdf viewer. Please contact to AgriMetSoft for calculating grid numbers (origin and shape) in CSIRO NetCDF file.

The CSIRO model investigates the dynamical and physical processes controlling the climate system, for multi-seasonal predictions, and for investigations of natural climatic variability and climatic change. The model has been developed as a fully coupled ocean-atmosphere system, without the need for any adjustments of the interactive fluxes and component fields (eg, surface temperature) that couple the atmosphere to the oceans.

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