What is the List of MODIS Products?

MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) products are data sets derived from observations made by the MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites. These products provide a wide range of information about various Earth system components, including land, ocean, atmosphere, and cryosphere. MODIS products are used for scientific research, environmental monitoring, natural resource management, and a variety of other applications. They include measurements such as land surface temperature, vegetation indices, ocean color, atmospheric properties, snow cover, and many others, contributing to a better understanding of Earth's systems and processes.

This table provides a comprehensive list of MODIS products with their respective abbreviations for easy reference.

MODIS Data Extractor

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Product Abbreviation Product Name
MOD01 MODIS Raw Radiances
MOD02 MODIS Calibrated Radiances
MOD03 MODIS Geolocation Fields
MOD04 MODIS Aerosol Product
MOD05 MODIS Total Precipitable Water
MOD06 MODIS Cloud Product
MOD07 MODIS Atmospheric Profiles
MOD08 MODIS Atmosphere Joint Product
MOD09 MODIS Atmosphere Gridded Product
MOD35 MODIS Cloud Mask
MOD09GQ MODIS Surface Reflectance
MOD11 MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (MOD11)
MOD21 MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (MOD21)
MOD12Q1 MODIS Land Cover Products
MOD13Q1 MODIS Vegetation Index Products (NDVI and EVI)
MOD14 MODIS Thermal Anomalies - Active Fires
MOD15 MODIS Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR) / Leaf Area Index (LAI)
MOD16 MODIS Evapotranspiration
MOD17 MODIS Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) / Net Primary Productivity (NPP)
MOD44 MODIS Global Water Reservoir
MOD43 MODIS Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) / Albedo Parameter
MOD44B MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields
MOD44W MODIS Water Mask
MOD45 MODIS Burned Area Product
MOD10 MODIS Snow Cover
MOD29 MODIS Sea Ice and Ice Surface Temperature
MOD28 MODIS Sea Surface Temperature
MOD09GA MODIS Remote Sensing Reflectance
MOD09GQ MODIS Apparent Visible Wavelength
MOD11C1 MODIS Chlorophyll-a Concentration
MOD09GA MODIS Diffuse Attenuation at 490 nm
MOD09GA MODIS Inherent Optical Properties
MOD09GA MODIS Phytoplankton Carbon
MOD09GA MODIS Particulate Organic Carbon
MOD09GA MODIS Particulate Inorganic Carbon
MOD09GA MODIS Normalized Fluorescence Line Height (FLH)
MOD09GA MODIS Instantaneous Photosynthetically Available Radiation
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