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"Open NC File" for coordinates
Open nc file by using the list of coordinates

How can we Open NC File by using the list of coordinate?

"Open NC File" can open and read data by using list of coordinates of stations. The nc user can input the list of stations manually or by file. "Open NC File" can read the list of stations (consist of coordinates) in a text file or excel file or csv file. The nc user can select all nc files and merge them in "Open NC File".

"Open NC File" can open and read data from nc and nc4 files with unlimited dimension or without it. The nc user in "Open NC File" can define the name of the unlimited dimension. "Open NC File" has an API for showing stations and domain of nc file on the map. This tool can just open nc files with three or two dimensions. Each nc file should have latitude and longitude dimension. The name of these dimensions can find automatically by "Open NC File". However, if "Open NC File" couldn't find it the nc user can input it in the Text-Boxes. The third dimension is related to the time that if there isn't any time dimension so "Open NC File" will merge the files as the time dimension.

"Open NC File" is testing by AgriMetSoft's team for various nc files, so, after it can succeed we will publish it. But if you are in hurry, you can contact to to purchase it and get complete support for probability errors.

How can we run Open NC File?

You can download it and install on windows simply. After you install the "Open NC File" then you can run it and test it but for extracting data by "Open NC File", you would buy a key of Open NC File. The "Open NC File" keys will be shown to you immediately after you purchase it in our store and will be sent an email by FastSpring to the purchaser that it contains "Open NC File" key. If you face a problem you can contact us to get more help.

The license of this tool is for one year using