I am a user of Open NC File but it gives me an error that the coordinate of the station is out of region when I try to open a NARCCAP NetCDF files?

Notice: In last release of the Open NC File tool can read data from all netcdf files. Contains 2-Dim Lat/Lon or 1-Dim

Some NetCDF files have two-dimensional latitude and longitude such as CORDEX and NARCCAP NetCDF files. If these files have another dimension variables that are in one dimension so you can extract data from those by using "Open NC File". The "Open NC File" will read your latitude and longitude and find the proper cell in two dimension variables then find the grid number from two dimension variable. When the "Open NC File" can read your data from the variable that you enter its name in text-box.

However, all of these processes will be done in behind the code, but you should enter the name of one-dimensional variables in latitude text-box and longitude textbox. In NARCCAP NetCDF files, you should enter yc/xc instead of lat/lon. In CORDEX NetCDF files, you should enter rlat/rlon instead of lat/lon.

In other hands, In the NARCCAP website, the dimension of the variables has been shown. For example, if your variable is tas (average surface temperature) so it will have three dimensions, xc, yc, and time. So you should enter xc/yc as lat/lon dimensions for extracting data from tas variable.

Name: Emma