Why is there a discrepancy between the results obtained from opening NetCDF files with the Open NC File tool and ArcGIS?

There's a discrepancy between the data extracted from NetCDF files using the Open NC File tool and ArcGIS, as reported by one of our users. To address this, we aim to verify and identify the correct cells using Panoply.

Primarily, we're employing the UCAR NetCDF library to perform projection of the NetCDF files and extract time series data. Notably, the file in question pertains to SfcWind from a model within CMIP6 data. This file includes variables like `lat_bnds` and `lon_bnds`, which contain latitude and longitude boundaries for each cell.

We can leverage these boundary variables to determine the agents of cells and subsequently locate the correct cell within the main variable (in this case, `sfcWind`) by cell agents. Please refer to the provided video for guidance on identifying the correct cells.

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Diffrent Between Open NC File and ArcGis result