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CRU Presenter (Trial Version)

What is CRUP software?

With CRUP tool you can easily extract and view your intent point of CRU dataset. It is a free tool that Agrimetsoft’s team presents it for special users. The main objective of this tool is facilitate the process of extract and read CRU TS4.00 for the user. The interface of the tool is so easy and without any Challenge. CRUP can plot time series of CRU weather data with trend line. You can export the output to excel file.

What is CRU datasets?

The CRU TS dataset was developed and has been subsequently updated, improved and maintained with support from a number of funders, principally the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the US Department of Energy. A gridded time-series dataset that this version (CRU TS 4.00), The 4.00 release of the CRU TS dataset covers the period 1901-2015.

If you want to customize this tool for your research project, please contact us

Coverage: All land areas (excluding Antarctica) at 0.5degree resolution.

Variables: pre, tmp, tmx, tmn, dtr, vap, cld, wet, frs, pet