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Lessons of SPSS

SPSS Tutorial

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All the videos about SPSS Tutorials

What is SPSS Software?

Link to the SPSS Videos: SPSS YouTube Playlist: What is #SPSS_Software? === #Statistical_Package for the Social sciences or #SPSS software is one of the most popular software for #statistical_analysis in researches, jobs, and studies. #SPSS software has a user-friendly design and working with it is the easiest. In this video, I have explained Data View and Variable View tabs and how to enter data in SPSS using these two tabs. Also, I have mentioned how to download the software from the website and how to define variables and then enter data for those defined variables. Tags: what is spss,what is spss ? what is spss how does it benefits survey data analysis? what is spss in computer - IBM spss,spss for beginner, introduction to spss, spss tutorial, what spss software is spss - what is spss software, spss what software, spss software - use spss,how to use spss, what is spss tool, spss software tutorial for beginners - what does the spss software,what does spss do what does spss, what does the spss, what spss - what spss is,what spss software

Simple SPSS Tutorial for Beginners

Link to the SPSS Videos: SPSS YouTube Playlist: Simple #SPSS_for_Beginners === New to #SPSS? Welcome! In this video, I have provided a step-by-step guide to do the easiest and the very first thing in SPSS which is data entry. In today’s video, you see how you can import your excel data into SPSS and I’ve also explained how #SPSS is different from Excel in showing the data and variables. This video could be helpful if you want to just start with SPSS and you don’t know how! Watch the video and I hope it’s helpful. Tags: how to use spss - spss - spss for beginners - beginner spss, beginners spss, spss software for beginner - spss learning for beginner, spss for beginner, spss tutorial for data analysis, spss video spss tutorial for beginners, spss tutorial, spss tutorial youtube, learn spss, spss tutorials, spss beginner tutorial, spss beginners - simple spss tutorial, simple spss for beginners, spss beginners simple, beginners spss simple - beginners learn spss simple, spss simple for beginner

How to do Normality Test in SPSS

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to do #Normality_Test in #SPSS === In this video, I have taught you how to run normality tests in SPSS. Why normality is important? Because in order to run most of the statistical analysis tests, you need to have normally distributed data. Doing a normality #test_in_SPSS is more than easy! All you need to do is to go through the Descriptive Statistics tab in SPSS and then click on Explore option. If you want to know what should you do in the next steps and how to analyze results in order to conclude whether your data is normally distributed or not, please watch the video. Tags: normality test in spss - normality test in spss urdu, normality test, normality test using spss normal distribution spss, what is normality assumption, how to do normality test using spss normality test spss, latest spss tutorial, testing normality of the data in spss - how to test normality in spss, test for normal distribution spss, checking for normality in spss - interpretation of normality test, how to do normality test in spss, spss for beginners, what is spss, spss test

How to Download SPSS

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: Download Link: How to Download SPSS? === In this video, you can see how to download SPSS. It's of course so easy. You just need to go to the developer’s company website, sign up make an account and then download the trial version. SPSS is a robust, user-friendly, and useful software for statistical analysis. Tags: spss, spss download, download spss, spss download free, spss free download, spss software, spss software download, spss download student, how to download spss, spss free trial, free spss download, spss download student version, spss statistics download, spss 16.0 free download, spss download for windows

Entering Data in SPSS || Data Entry in SPSS

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: #Entering_Data in SPSS || #Data_Entry in #SPSS === When it comes to using SPSS, probably the first thing that pops up in your head is entering data in SPSS. SPSS is so similar to excel so learning it should not be hard. In SPSS you can see two tabs. Data view and variable view. In variable view, as it sounds, you define your variable including length, type, etc. you can also import your data from excel. Watch the video to find answers to your questions. Tags: entering data in spss - spss - survey data entry in spss - spss enter data,spss entering data enter data in spss - how to enter data in spss,spss data entry - spss for beginners,how to use spss spss data entry tutorial,data entry in spss - getting started in spss - spss full video,spss in 15 minutes,how to input questionnaire data into spss - spss in 5 min,spss tutorials introduction to spss,spss tutorial,spss questionnaire example - spss course,spss tutorial video

How to Input Questionnaire Data Entry into SPSS | Questionnaire Data Entry

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Input #Questionnaire_Data Entry into #SPSS === SPSS is a really robust tool for #analyzing and processing #questionnaire data. Welcome to today’s video on how to enter #questionnaire data in SPSS. You probably know from before that the first thing in SPSS is to define variables. If you don’t know how to define variables, don’t worry! I’ve explained that here. After you enter variables, it is time to enter data for those variables. Watch the video and I’m waiting to read your comments in the below section. Tags: how to input questionnaire data into spss, questionnaire data entry in spss, spss data entry spss - spss for beginners, spss questionnaire example,spss questionnaire tutorial - how to transfer data from a questionnaire to the spss file?,how to transfer data from a questionnaire to a spss file questionnaire data spss, questionnaire data entry - questionnaire or survey data entry in spss questionnaire - how to questionnaire or survey data entry in spss, questionnaire data in spss

Calculate Pearson R in SPSS || Pearson correlation || Pearson coefficient

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: Also, you can use these calculators: #Pearson_R in #SPSS || Calculate #Pearson_correlation in SPSS === #Pearson's_R is one of the ways to calculate #correlation in SPSS. All you have to do is to hover on analyze tab, then go for the #Correlate option. When the drop-down list opens, click on Bivariate. Then you will the data you want to analyze correlation for. That's All! If you want to know how to read the output tables and how you can recognize whether the #correlation is meaningful or not, watch the video. Tags: pearson'r in spss, calculate pearson correlation in spss, correlation coefficient, #pearson correlation correlation in spss, correlation analysis spss- calculate pearson r in spss, how to calculate pearson correlation in spss, pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, pearson r correlation in spss correlation coefficient in spss, pearson correlation coefficient - correlation coefficient calculation what is correlation coefficient,finding correlation coefficient in spss

How to Fit and Plot Normal Distribution in SPSS | Fitting Normal Distribution

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Fit and #Plot_Normal_Distribution in #SPSS | #Fitting_Normal_Distribution === When is a data set #normally_distributed? When most of the data is focused around the mean value. There are lots of statistical tests that in order to perform, you need normally distributed data. But how can you run a #normality_test in SPSS? It’s super easy. All you have to do is to hover on Analyze tab, then stop on the descriptive option and select “Explore”. If you want to know how you should select your data and criteria to check #normal_distribution also fit and plot chart in SPSS, watch the video. Tags: how to fit and plot normal distribution in spss,plot normal dist in spss, fitting a normal disdtribution in spss, normal distribution in spss,normal distribution calculator,calculate normal distribution in spss,how to calculate normal distribution in spss,spss normal distribution,fitting normal distribution to data,plot normal distribution in spss,fit normal distribution,fit normal distribution in spss,how to fit normal distribution in spss,plot normal distribution

How to find Correlation Coefficient in SPSS | One or Two Tailed | Null Hypothesis

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Find #Correlation Coefficient in #SPSS | One or #Two_Tailed | #Null_Hypothesis === Tags: correlation in spss, how to find #correlation_coefficient in spss, finding correlation coefficient in spss, find correlation coefficient in spss, correlation coefficient, correlation analysis spss,spss for beginners,correlation in spss interpretation, correlation in spss analysis, correlation matrix in spss,spss correlation coefficient,spss correlation analysis,spss correlation between two variables,pearson spss correlation, find correlation coefficient, #spss_correlation

How to Perform Independent Sample T Test in SPSS | T-Test

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Perform Independent #Sample_T_Test in #SPSS || #T_Test === In today’s video, you learn how to run independent samples t-test in spss. Using this #statistical_test, you can assess if there is a significant difference between the two independent groups or not. in this video, I have explained how to enter input data, how to run the test, and how to analyze the result tables. I’ve also explained how to interpret the #p_value and how to decide based on that. Tags: independent sample t test in spss, student's t-test, how to do t test in spss, spss t test - independent variables in t test, t-test in spss,what is t test, independent samples t test, paired-samples t test paired t test spss,one-sample t test, independent samples, independent t test,single sample t test one sample t test, how to perform t test in spss - perform independent t test in spss, how to perform independent t test in spss, how to perform independent sample t test

How to Perform a One Sample T Test in SPSS || T-Test in SPSS

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Perform a One-Sample #T_Test_in_SPSS || #T_Test === One sample t-test is used when you want to compare the average of a group to a standard value. I’ve explained the basic concepts of this test using an easy example. Watching this video, you will understand how to enter your input data, which option should you use to get to the test, how to change the settings in the opening window, and finally how to interpret the results and make decisions based on the p-value. Watch the video to learn all about running a one-sample t-test In spss. Tags: One Sample T Test in #SPSS,spss t test,one-sample t-test spss,one sample t test,introduction to spss,one sample t test spss,one-sample t test,t test in spss,one-sample t-test,t-test spss,how to do a t-test in spss,one sample t test spss interpretation,one sample t test example,how to perform a one-sample t-test in spss,one sample t test using spss,independent samples t test,paired samples t test,what is one sample t test,perform a one sample t test in spss

How to Run T-Test In SPSS | SPSS Help for Student T Test | T Test with Example

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: How to Run #TTest In #SPSS | SPSS Help for Student #T_Test === The T-test is amongst variously used statistical tests. T-test has different types that both spss and excel are able to run them. The first type is a one-sample t-test. In this format of t-test, comparing the average value to a standard value is possible. The second type is the independent sample t-test. Running this kind of t-test, you can compare the average values of two groups with each other to see if you find a significant difference or not. the third type of t-test which is also explained in today’s video is paired t-test. Using this format of t-test you are able to compare the average value of a sample before and after applying a treatment. Watch this video to learn how to run three different versions of the t-test in spss. Tags: t-test in spss,t test in spss,spss video on t test,spss help for student t test,how to run a t test in spss,one sample t test,independent samples t test,run t-test in spss,how to run t-test in spss,one-sample t test,single sample t test,one sample t test spss,how to do t-test in spss,spss t test,spss t test für unabhängige stichproben,t test spss,running t test in spss,what is t test,one sample t test example,t test example in spss,spss t test example

How to run Chi-Square test of independence using SPSS | Chi Square Guide

Link to the SPSS: SPSS YouTube: Learn How to Conduct #Chi_Square_Test in #SPSS || #Chi_Square Guide === how to run chi-square test of independence using spss software. A chi-squared test is a #statistical hypothesis test that is valid to perform when the test statistic is #chi_squared_distributed under the null hypothesis, specifically #Pearson's chi-squared test, and variants thereof. Pearson's chi-squared test is used to determine whether there is a statistically significant difference between the expected frequencies and the observed frequencies in one or more categories of a contingency table. The Chi-square test is used when you want to test the dependence or independence of two nominal variables. Please watch this video to know How to Conduct Chi-Square Test in SPSS. Tags: learn how to conduct chi-square test in spss,chi-square test,ch square tutorial,conducting chi-square in spss,learn chi square test conducting,chi-square test of independence,spss chi-square,chi square test of independence spss,chi-square test spss,spss tutorial,pearson's chi-squared test,how to run chi-square test of in spss,how to run chi-square test of independence using spss,running chi-square test of in spss, Pearson's chi square,run chi-square test of in spss