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Free Registration of KBDIS and MDM

The MDM and the KBDIS are two free desktop tools in AgriMetSoft. You can get them as a registered version or you can register it online at the menu of the tools. Below there are all the researchers who register the tool as online registration in the menu of the tools.


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Date Full Name Email Project Title Description

،2018/6/8 3:10:10، yankun MDM register ID hi,i want to focus on seasonal drought in humidregion of china
،2020/4/25 11:51:11، Chen Zhs Dr. It's ok.
،2022/4/22 3:33:12، Jia**LIU wildfire in Panxi MY project aims to assess the impacts of climate on wildfires in Southwest China.
،19-Oct-18 8:20:24 AM، Viki Finding the meteorological drought
،17/08/2018 18:48:55، Jean-Luc**Kouassi ClimateFire West Africa This project aims to assess the impacts of climate on wildfires in west africa
،11-Jun-21 7:26:13 PM، Lameha Hameed Drought drought using rainfall data
،12/31/2018 9:04:02 PM، teshager i want to calculate drought index using mdm software so that i can calculate spi
،8/30/2018 8:14:51 AM، Haftu**Mengesha Research Drought monitering and prediction
،8/30/2018 8:03:27 AM، Haftu Drought monitering To model and predict drought
،19/01/2019 12:34:36، Moses Ojara Drought Monitoring in East Africa Kindly help us your tool for drought Monitoring
،10/10/2021 10:05:58 AM، heba mohammad malkawi drought assessment assessment of drought using remote sensenig and rainfall data
،10-May-21 3:31:13 PM، Besliu Emanuel Vasile The impacts of severe droughts have been already observed in recent decades in Romania over large areas of forests with different species.The study want to investigate the influence of drought in some Norway spruce stands from romanians mountains. The included stands was planted in 1994. I want to analyse meteorologichal data to find to what extent, the drought influence the stability and grow of this stands in the last 20 years and predicting to which extent core and peripheral populations will be able to resist, survive, and evolve under climate fluctuations. MDM software is the best option to obtain corect information from meteorologichal data, so I will be deeply grateful if I receive access to this software.
،4/2/2020 12:09:48 PM، Khalil Ur Rahman I want to estimate drought across Pakistan using Gauge data and compare with Satellite precipitation products
،3/24/2018 9:23:11 AM، jahanbakhshmohamadi Drought Modelling Droughtg
،20/06/2022 11:20:25، Anis Bouselmi SPI Tunisia mapping drought
،13-08-2018 14:54:36، ANNU TAGGU Drought monitoring in N-E India
،22-Jun-21 3:43:22 PM، Pascal Mukomene Weather station kit to predict drought Drought prediction and monitoring
،23-04-2019 10:50:56، Santosh**Shah Dendrochronology of Himalaya I would like to explore the possbility of this method based drought indices with tree-rings.
،23-04-2019 09:09:23، Santosh Kumar Shah I would like to use this software to calculate various drought indices using precipation records and would like to use with tree-ring data from the Himalayan rgion.
،13/12/2018 10:21:27، sam climate analyse of climate change
،7/15/2019 6:33:11 AM، nguyenhoangtuan Drought PhD thesis
،2019/4/10 星期三 16:07:03، liyinghao Analysis of precipitation characteristics and drought trends on the Tibetan Plateau
،18-01-2021 06:43:27، gavvala janardhan assesment of ground water vulnerability sir please give permission to use mdm software for my thesis work i acknowledge the reference for my thesis. thanking you sir
،26/04/2019 02:23:36، Monique Araujo it is a study in the semiarid of Brazil
،3/17/2020 1:16:11 PM، Muhammad Atif Sarwar Suitable Drought Index for Pakistan we want to derive a suitable drought index for pakistani data set
،30/05/2019 15:34:20، Jose Domingo Yerbes SPI from Menorca (Spain) Hello, I would like to use your software to calculate SPI from Menorca (Spain)
،18.06.2019 12:23:41، mustafa utlu gis Modelling for daily rainfall data
،22-06-2018 06:29:32، DGVIJAY SINGH DHAKRE weather for trend analysis
،11/2/2018 2:29:04 PM، Quyen**Nguyen Huu research risk calculation by drought
،1/18/2019 11:29:30 AM، Demeke Chanko spi spi data we want to calculate with crop wat soft ware
،7.03.2021 10:23:48، Brkant Yıldız SPI SPI
،1/13/2018 8:58:07 PM، rushdi alsheikh drought drought early warning system for jordan
،28.03.2021 22:10:35، Zynpp Homework i will cite this paper if i use at my thesis. Thanks a lot
،23.04.2022 12:23:42، ebru duman diploma project for my diploma project i want to monitor drought
،04/07/2021 12:12:18، AIT SAID Brahim Climatological characterization of an arid zone in the South East - Morocco
،11/07/2018 12:33:58، Dianne Sultana drought in Malta monitoring drought in malta
،6/13/2022 12:20:19 PM، Bewuketu Abebe Climate varibility I am a student and I need MDM key to check SPI in my study area.
،3/29/2018 7:53:05 PM، Jeykumar R K C Management of fresh water resources The effective management of fresh water resources is done based of rainfall and runoff model
،10/28/2018 8:46:54 AM، Le Van Ha Study on drought characteristics, impacts of drought and adaptation
،29/11/2018 23:13:45، zenia**savitri merupakan tugas kuliah tentang tingkat bahaya kebakaran hutan dengan lokasi penelitian semarang dan menggunakan data observasi stasiun klimatologi semarnag
،7/12/18 9:58:04 AM، Anim**Ofosu Rainfall variability in the Densu Basin I am working on the rainfall variability in the Densu Basin of Ghana
،3/26/18 2:49:37 PM، Anim Ofosu Climate Variability of the Densu Basin This study seeks to analyse the variation in climate of the Densu basin
،3/28/2018 10:13:32 AM، Abdulkadir Gure The Role of Hydrometeorological Information and Early Warning Systems in Supporting Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Somaliag, preparedness and response.
،2017-12-14 오전 4:01:27، Sukhee Yoon Mountain Weather Forest Disaster Research
،2019/4/8 0:37:38، Feng Wei Analyze the characteristics of precipitation changes, calculate different drought indices, and evaluate their applicability in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
،04-Dec-17 7:23:06 PM، Joe Nayo Blunt Rainfall variability in the Gambia droughts in Gambia
،29.05.2019 05:45:49، Nino Okl The main goal is to comapre correlation between different drought factors in selected basins, and to find there weaks and strenghts
،8/6/2021 3:56:19 PM، ansila v m drought analysis drought analysis using SPI
،3/13/2018 2:22:53 AM، nur ikawati drought indice using EDI calculate drought indice
،08/08/2018 05:44:33، Aisha Akber Drought monitoring I want to calculate the SPI, using this software
،7/29/2018 8:49:11 AM، Ali El-Naqa Education Education
،10/10/2018 10:25:46 AM، Arslan**Khalid Modeling Metrological data
،10/10/2018 8:26:31 AM، Muhammad Arslan Khalid Research Drought modeling
،7/3/2021 7:46:05 PM، Reginaldo Júnior Drough monitoring Drough monitoring using the SPI.
،2/7/2018 1:27:59 PM، M Kamruzzaman EDI nice
،14/03/2018 11:25:47، khalid mohamed elhag drought monitoring research project
،01/05/2020 6:05:49 AM، Sweety Behera drought calculation SPI ,DDI,RAI Calculation
،11. 07. 2022 07:44:23، Valentina Bau drough analysis analysis of drough and SPI indexes for river engineering purposes
،27-04-2018 1:47:02، deep gupta I am a scholer so need to compare 5 to 6 drought indices using statistical analysis.
،1/1/2019 10:27:08 AM، sadegh**hd KBDI hello
،27. 3. 2019 11:10:54، Peter Surda The aim of our study is to estimate the relationships between the persistence, severity and index of SWR and the drought-proneness factor (meteorological drought index), which determine the severity of the climatic drought.
،18/03/2018 22:33:43، Nadjib HAIED Drought assessment and monitoring In this project we are trying to assess and to monitir the drought duration, severity and intensenty using several meteorological drought indices.
،03 Oct 2021 00:09:52، Selelo Matimolane Estimating dry and wet spells using drought indices
،31/01/2019 13:13:27، Pantazis E. Georgiou SPI Computation of SPI
،27-09-2022 18:20:54، Francisco San Martín Propuesta SCALL lack of water
،8/8/2018 1:54:12 AM، This research uses different drought indices to predict drought in Sri Lanka
،16/04/2018 10:37:46، Nadjib HAIED Drought assessment and monitoring In this work we will try to assess and to monitor the drought duration, sevirity and intensity with different drought indices and in different climates
،03-05-2019 01:53:03، SUMITA MONDAL Calculate SPI and other index
،04-Nov-17 5:41:22 AM، nur aqilah rozaini hydrological trend analysis RAINFALL CHARACTERISATION USING SPI
،6/5/2021 7:05:40 AM، Teka**Bekuma Research For PhD study
،5/10/2021 8:33:19 AM، TEKA BEKUMA RESEARCH Data analysis
،08/03/2018 18:48:14، AZIEZ Ouahiba relationship between drought and fluctuation of the cold water table
،19.02.2019 21:06:50، Musa EŞİT Research Assistant I am Phd student on drought analysis and also civil engineer
،11/20/2018 4:40:32 AM، Janaka**Wiajayawardhana rainfall variability is highly influence on the sugarcane yield and sugar recovery percentage, including the desterbence due to planting and harvesting activities. the reseant years back, the sugarcane industry is suffering these extream rainfall situations especialy extream events and unexpected rainfall during harvesting seasons and the dry situations in planting seasosa similerly. so we are trying to understand this situation inoder to shifting the planting and harvesting seasons slitly as per the scientific judments. for this analysis, your software was identified as a wonderfull one.
،11/20/2018 5:43:41 AM، Janaka Wijayawardhana rainfall variability in Hingurana area this app will be used to analyse rainfall variability in Hingurana area
،05/06/2022 9:21:24 AM، tabib sadok spi tunisia stations calcukate spi and sdi
،18/02/2021 05:07:04، Dhiego Pacheco The objective of the study is to monitor droughts in the micro region of Diamantina, Minas Gerais
،12/17/2018 11:35:41 PM، hani redi blate water shed drought mangement 0n excel this our main concept of our soft ware assignment i.e including areka ,bodit,hosana etc.....station
،26/10/2017 08:06:55، Kouidri Sofiane Drought in Mekerra wadi The drought concentration
،28-08-2019 16:33:40، yash drought analysis drought ananlysis for district sirsa haryana india
،10/23/2018 3:50:33 AM، Saadia Hina drought monitoring calculation of drought indices
،11/22/2017 2:51:26 AM، Mohammad Nazari Sharabian Drought Drought analysis
،7/6/2019 1:06:19 PM، naveed sadiq Evaluation Drought in Pakistan Hi, I am Naveed Sadiq from Pakistan and Studying in China, I watched a video on Youtube about this software, its really helpful for me,
PK Full Name: Chen Zhs Email: Project Title: Dr.
،22/02/2020 14:42:42، MESLI Siham /
،5/7/2018 2:29:46 PM، Ayantobo Olusola Application of Drought indices Quantification of drought events using Drought indices
،4/2/2019 6:48:12 AM، Bui Cuong Thesis at University Dear Sir,
،02-06-2022 16:49:46، Kindinti Anusha Need to find the Drought indices
،6/24/2019 5:25:21 AM، Ali Afshin Drought Forecast Using HMM Model Using Spi value for forecasting drought in iran, Karoon Basin
،30-03-2018 08:45:11، AMIR KHAN Drought analysis in puruliya my dissertation
،4/9/2021 10:21:23 AM، welday desta spi to do project
،5/7/2018 10:38:07 AM، Nirav Estimation of Different Drought Index SPI PN
،10-Oct-18 10:39:17 AM، Muhammad **Nazim drought Drought
،6/14/2019 7:03:10 PM، binod**Kumar Preparation of bulletin based on medium range forecast data for 3-10 days
،6/14/2019 5:46:54 PM، binod Kumar Based on forecast data we prepare bulletins
،19-05-2021 1.56.58 PM، Aarthi Meteorological droight assessment Assessment of metelorological drought on the basis of El nino and La nina
،6/7/2021 2:26:57 PM، Otolorin Augustina Drought analysis in Nigeria To see the intensity and duration of drought occurrences in Nigeria
،08-04-2019 11:29:21، amit desai drought conditions characterising droughts
،2/08/2018 8:27:59 AM، Ghulam Dars CCIPP Drought monitoring in Balochistan
،12/13/2018 12:37:22 PM، Muhammad Farhan Ul Moazzam In this project we have to analyze the rainfall on monthly basis for it variabilty. Also the SPI analysis have to done.
،19/9/2561 2:47:46، nipon rain cal drought
،13-02-2021 14:35:32، tuba rabbani spi
،12/29/2019 07:31:16 ق.ظ، Samira Fatemi Drought in Isfahan Hi. I need MDM software for my new project.
،07/09/2020 10:32:58 am، Aamir Imran Met Drought I am working for meterological drought.
،6/4/2021 10:00:51 AM، Emanuel Besliu MDM software to analyze drought Analyze period with sever drought that influenced the tree grow
،13-06-2019 23:13:00، asdasdasd asda sd as d asdasd as d asd a sd as d
،3/12/2018 8:44:18 AM، mohammad Drought models are used to
،4/4/2021 12:01:51 PM، saira batool i am doing work on drought hazrad in context of agricuture products
،5/25/2019 6:24:04 PM، faisl abc thanks
،21.12.2018 15:36:27، Samet Subasi drought analysis I am a graduate student. In my thesis, I will review data from the observation stations of a region in Turkey. I want to use it to do the tests.
،18-03-2021 16:37:27، Ritu khandelwal Drought I will make prediction
،2/4/2019 12:33:46 AM، zahra noori spi i need for thesis
،18/04/2018 15:07:22، Rista Hernandi Virgianto xx xx
،8/20/2021 8:51:25 AM، Md Kausar This is my Masters thesis topic. I am much more pleasure getting such an amazing application to calculate SPI and SPEI etc.
،5/26/2018 5:34:36 PM، junaid**faiz drought severity drought analysis
،5/25/2018 10:20:09 AM، Junaid faiz survival during drought in cholistan For M Phil Research
،12/15/2021 5:33:04 AM، yetsedaw molla Agricultural drought trend rainfall analysis based on SPI
،21-03-2018 05:11:48، Abhijit Sharma The overall aim of this project is to identify the most vulnerable district in Gujarat in terms of FWE security and develop various water security indices and propose infrastructural mitigation measures.
،27/03/2021 14:06:46، Marcos Vinícius da Silva Study is based on assessing rainfall patterns for the South American continent in a 50-year history series.
،10/27/2017 10:42:15 AM، Sridhara Drought monitoring We are using RF over 50 years to monitor the occurance and frequency of droughts over Shimoga district of Karnataka
،28-Dec-18 8:29:41 AM، addis lema spi spi rainfall missed data
،3/29/2021 5:10:41 PM، Lizandra Barros Recursos hídricos Recursos hídricos UFRPE
،28.03.2021 19:20:07، busra karsavuran kırsehır kuraklık analızi lısans bıtırme tezi
،3/8/2019 11:05:26 πμ، Giota Koukouli SPI CALCULATION SPI
،5/3/2018 5:58:06 AM، nirav to Know precipitaion pattern
،16/06/2018 14:32:50، Beatrice Monteleone PhD thesis in Understanding and managing the extremes, curriculum weather related risk at IUSS Pavia.
،2/24/2022 7:50:01 AM، Abay Sefene Meshesha Drought monitoring Strenthening drought early warning system throught effective drought monitoring tools
،03/11/2019 10:11:33 AM، Dr. M. Habib ur Rahman Drought analysis and forecasting It is a good tool and i am confident this tool will be helpful.
،2019-01-19 4:54:36 PM، Dr. A. V. Shashikala India being a highly sensitive rainfed agricultural country and thanks to Norman Borlaug has ushered in Green Revolution; seventy five percent of our arable land is rainfed. By tradition dryland farming refers to areas and situations where in rainfall is below 500mm per annum a decisive factor for livelihood. In modern concept there is no consideration of amount of rainfall as dry land areas are those where the balance of moisture is always on the ‘deficit’ side, implying that annual evapo-transpiration exceeds precipitation. The deficit in moisture affects crop production resulting in partial or total failure of crops. The factors contributing to worsening situation of dry land agriculture, other than traditional farming systems are the stagnation of productivity of dry land crops, unsuitability of traditional technologies and the mounting natural resource scarcity. Though technologies are available farmers seldom adopt them due to certain constraints. Therefore improved dry farming is necessary for equity and prosperity. It goes without saying that climate changes have greater impact on agriculture than other factors. The adverse impact is palpable in the yield of rainfed crops. To put these factors that affect the agriculture a proper perspective policy is the need of the hour, so that the prospects of migration from rainfed regions are nipped in the bud. The level of agriculture productivity as a concept means the degree to which the economic cultural and organizational variables are able to exploit the biotic resources of the area for agricultural production. The spatial variations in physical output from circumstances and partly of human manipulation of the land resources. The regional difference in yield per unit area indicates the magnitude and direction of the interplay of a multitude of factors. The level of agricultural productivity is a dynamic concept, as any modification in physical factors and improvement in non-physical bases of farming affect agricultural production per hectare. Today, the challenges facing India in general and state of Telangana in particular is an increase in population and a corresponding increase in food demand. Food shortage is primarily due to insufficient production of food grains. The causes of insufficient production of food grains are several. Unfavorable weather conditions, socio-economic constraints and traditional methods of farming hinder successful application of new farm technology.
،4/8/2019 8:38:43 AM، Dibesh Climate change impact on Extreme events Quantify the impacts of climate change on hydro-meteorological extreme events such as floods and droughts
،2018-12-22 4:30:35 PM، eyasu gebre estimate of index bilate water shade i want calculate monyhly spi using mdm so that i can se posibility of drought in water shade
،08-Dec-18 9:15:48 AM، Sinethemba Dlikilili The project seek to understand the influence of rainfall variability on vegetation productivity and to identify vegetation that source groundwater during dry seasons
،23.04.2022 08:42:04، delikanlipony drought drıouhgt
،15/06/2022 10:09:41، HABB BAHIM DOUGHT DF
،15/05/2022 10:15:00، Mohamed Naim SPEI AND SPI comparaison entre les indices de sechresses ( SPI, SPEI)
،12/11/2018 5:07:57 PM، ashok kumar n drought by spi i need this software for use
،07/11/2018 10:06:03 AM، Gajanan Drought assessement local level Drought assessment
،16-03-2021 09:04:46، Uttam Singh Drought forecasting in India NA
،02/20/2020 06:32:24 ب.ظ، Alireza Movaqqar Comparison of different drought indices in calculating the drought rate in Urmia
،1/8/2021 11:20:20 AM، Dessalegn **Obsi study Description
،3/4/2021 7:04:58 PM، Dessalegn Obsi Gemeda PhD study For PhD study
،7/28/2021 6:55:54 AM، Ann Githui To compare agricultural drought amd meteorological drought
،11/1/2018 1:17:32 PM، Gebre **Hadgu Northern ethiopia is characterized as semi-arid environment. Rainfall is not only low but also erratic in distribution. followed this situation the area is affected due to freequent drought occurence. Therefor, analysis of patterns, frequencies and intensity of drought might help to design mitigation strategies that enhances sustainable development of the area. In this regard, I'm requesting your esteemed institute to provide me the KBDI software for free.
،10/16/2018 6:03:30 AM، Gebre Hadgu (PhD) It will be used to chacracterize drought in terms of its frequency, intencity and spatial distribution for developing drought prepardness schem in that particular area.
،10/10/2018 8:02:36 AM، Asmat ullah drought Drought
،3/10/2020 12:07:20 PM، Muse Desta I want to assess the meteorological drought in Wolaita Zone and forecast the future drought probablity using climate change outputs.
،5/31/2019 4:20:37 PM، Vinothkanna. S climate change on agriculture pattern this software will be very help ful for my analysis.
،2021/12/2 12:26:44، Wenyuan**Ma Wildfire risk assessment use drought factor to assess wildfire risk
،10/10/18 10:38:47 AM، Muhammad Tariq **Malik Metrology climate projections
،10/10/18 8:00:23 AM، Muhammad Tariq Drought Drought
،3/13/2018 6:48:01 PM، marce Agroclimatologia Tarea universitaria
،24-09-2018 13:50:58، akil drought monitoring to monitor drought from past data and to forecast for future
،12/01/2022 08:54:49 م، Hafed **Ahmad Drought Monitring drought
،09-01-2018 13:16:28، chaithra Characterization of Drought I am using this software for calculating the drought indices
،2/16/2019 3:04:19 AM، a lot of bug test test
،12/06/2021 2:32:56، Michael Waters PQ PQ drought assessment
،28/05/1397 02:18:42 ب.ظ، mehdi farsi drought index calculation momo vgddvy
،6/1/2018 12:11:21 AM، Stanciu Dorin Drought in Romania Drought in Romania
،2021-03-17 6:10:50 AM، Shahed oni It will be very helpful if i get access to this tool for my research purpose.
،13/1/2562 12:44:06، Patana Wichitarapongsakun Drought Analysis Drought Analysis
،10/17/2018 04:26:36 ق.ظ، Samira Fatemi Drought assessmet in IRAN I need this software to calculate drought indicators in Iran
،5/18/2019 8:52:52 AM، Birhan getachew Drought monitoring I would like to monitor drought using MDM software.
Daniel**Ordoqui Sequías Uruguay Description
،16/02/2022 13:06:32، boumediene naouel Etude sur la secheresse Météorologique Calcul de l'indice SPI
،2/14/2018 8:01:04 AM، Alper aa aa
،8/17/2018 9:44:23 AM، Falak analysis of extreme events in balocistan through various climatic indices and their comparsion between them.
،6/18/2021 3:55:40 PM، Selam Gebru This to is important to monitor drought and has different drought indicator options
،29/03/2021 17:09:52، Abelardo Montenegro semiarid rainfall analysis
،08-Jun-19 16:44:56، Anuj Kumar Dwivedi Drought monitoring Drought
،01-09-2021 08:43:09 AM، Mustafa pipaliya i have to calculate all the aspects of morphometric analysis of river basin and also calculate SPI and RAI to get the idea about the drought and wet years of the basin.
،07/06/2018 01:29:52، Hanchane Mohamed Climate change and drought in Morocco Rainfall variability and drought analysis in Morocco
،24/05/2021 11:14:02 PM، Tahir Khan Honours project
،16/2/2561 15:53:17، Patana**Wichitarapongsakun Drought Analysis Drought Analysis in the River Basin
،16/2/2561 12:51:55، Patana Drought analysis Drought analysis in the river basin
،3/25/2019 2:57:26 PM، maral habibi urumie lake drough monitoring
،10/10/2018 8:00:39 AM، Iqra Ghafoor Drought on fodder drought on foddder
،4/16/2018 12:00:36 PM، Misgana Milkias to analysis climate variability
،3/30/2019 5:41:35 AM، temesgen mekuriaw this research dails with the analaysis of drought distribution en different regions of ethiopia in the past and pridiction for the future.
،10-06-2022 07:31:36 PM، Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma Dear Mam/Sir
،6/4/2022 2:58:53 PM، TSHEPO VUTOMI SONDLANE MDM i need help with MDM key
،19/03/2018 10:46:05، lattafi secheresse merci
،03-04-2019 08:40:39، Dr. Atul Tiwari Crop Modeling Crop Acreage and Production Estimation
،14-05-2019 12:21:38، Ananya singha identification of purulia village Calculate SPI and other Index
،04/02/2018 10:55:24، ACHITE MOHAMMED Drought analysis in Algeria Hello,
،1/5/2019 7:03:02 PM، mahamed omer Yusuf watershed management integrated watershed management concerns
،12/04/2019 8:46:46 AM، priya singh drought moitoring pridiction of drought monitoring for using my M.Sc. thesis work
،10/7/2018 6:20:42 PM، Albert Buabeng Variation in the annual precipitation in Ghana is dependent on the amount of rainfall in the various regions in Ghana, this project seeks to predict the drought indices of the three nothern regions and their geospatial variation
،8/17/2021 3:05:27 PM، John**Family Name Neupane drought monitoring drought monitoring in karnali
،8/17/2021 5:53:25 AM، John Neupane calculation of spi
،11/7/2020 5:11:11 AM، Cheruvu Sai Abhishek Calculation of drought for varoius regions for Telangana, India and predicting the drought occurrence in future
،7/13/2018 9:03:34 AM، Gure Drought asessment in somalia Recurrent droughts in somalia
،3/29/2021 5:09:34 PM، Thayná Almeida Recursos Hidricos Semiarido
،2/17/2019 5:22:51 AM، Siwakorn Rangsiyo Drought Analysis For Forecase rain
،20.04.2022 11:49:28، Emre Duman i will use for my thesis
،3/28/2018 7:41:23 AM، Ed**Softpedia Test This is a Softpedia test
،3/28/2018 8:20:46 AM، Ed Editor test Softpedia test
،4/18/2021 12:14:27 AM، Md. Masudur Rahman**Masud Drought Drought
،4/18/2021 12:01:09 AM، Md. Masudur Rahman Drought Drought monitering
،12/18/2018 9:02:10 AM، temesgen alemayehu bodit rain fall calculation of SPI
،06-09-2018 04:30:19، ashokkumar drought studies in annatapur i want to check software what i am did manualy
،11/29/2018 10:18:42 PM، parva mohammadi droght for run project
،14.4.22 05:25:51، Binod**Kumar GKMS Seasonal services for the benfit of farmers
،31-03-2018 02:48:52 PM، Biharilal Ahirwar Drought analylis I am want to drought analysis in Betwa river basin
،7/8/2019 12:35:20 AM، Addis Lema spi to calculate average montyly rain fall
،10-01-2018 12:49:31، chaithra Drought characterization I want to use this software for calculation of drought indices
،10/10/2019 9:20:03 AM، ehsan**azimi forecasting KBDI about forecasting drought indices
،3/22/2018 9:34:38 AM، LALIT KUMAR Drought analysis of punpun river basin i am calculating all metrological drought based on rainfall data.
،25/1/2019 11:51:53 μμ، Panagiota Koukouli SPI SPI calculation
،06/07/2021 03:39:49، Abdiweli Awil Nur SPI DROUGHT Thesis preparation
،14-06-2019 17:28:29، cristian Arias uta ajajajaja
،4/30/2019 7:39:00 PM، Andrew Ezra The work analyze dry and wet spell in northern nigeria
،12/06/1401 08:38:04 ق.ظ، فاطمه قاضی پور تهیه گزارش هواشناسی به منظور تهیه یک گزارش هواشناسی در منطقه نیستانک اصفهان نیاز به محاسبه شاخص خشکسالی SPI دارم
،12/29/21 8:22:19 PM، Gökçen Eryılmaz Türkkan Machine Learning Prepared Machine Learning paper
،7/14/2021 5:34:34 PM، Laura**Thapa Title KBDI will be an input to a machine learning model to forecast emissions from Western US wildfires
،7/16/2022 11:03:30 AM، Hsn Najar climate changes climate changes in Palestine
،15-05-2018 04:22:11، Bappa Das Drought analysis of west coast of India We want to calculate diffrent drought indices using weather data
federico beron calculo de sequia mediante analisis de precipitaciones
،04/01/2019 17:31:45، Hanane **Bougara Drought index Using severl tools for detection drought index of meterological dataset in semi arid region .
،11/08/2018 13:52:52، Bougara Hanane Hydrological Model using this software for trend analysis to detect the index for my data
،8/1/2018 10:28:38 AM، Mohammad Jaber analysis Jordan Drought
،09/10/2018 19:32:45، ouadja abid i have a question i calculate the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) I use the software, and i am looking for if there is a relationship between the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and rainfall erosivity??
،19/03/2018 15:40:49، ACHITE Mohammed Climate change study in Algeria Thank you for this.
،2019-01-24 12:58:30 PM، Waikhom Rahul Singh Investigation of drought Investigation of drought in high rainfall region
،25/10/2022 16:28:56، Marycarmen Comparacion SPI Comparacion SPI of diferents stations, univeristy work
،30/09/2020 2:49:41 AM، alina unlock unlock mdm
،15-12-2021 07:27:23، SHASHWAT GUPTA weather forecast good afternoon, i am shashwat gupta and i pursuing bachelor of technology in india, from uttarakhand and i am college student in institute of technology gopeshwar, i have precipitation data and i need to input that data file of your software to forecast weather , because my project is weather forecasting should you give me license key because i very important to me showing results of my project to my college.
،7/12/2019 8:22:30 PM، Bhukya Srinivas Respected sir iam working on drought prediction so please provide me to key for working in this software
،5/6/2018 2:01:44 PM، Foyez Ahmed Drought Analysis Analysis of Drought affecting agriculture in Bangladesh
،4/14/2021 7:13:12 PM، sara garousi master thesis I use this App for my master thesis.
،29/05/1400 07:37:59 ب.ظ، masom Rainfall Anomaly Rainfall Anomaly
،2018/7/31 3:40:19، sususu123 zhishu zhishujisuan
،1/18/2019 11:32:13 AM، abebe impact of metrological drought i need thissoftware to calculate the impact of metrological drought
،6/7/2018 11:47:25 AM، Gertrude Research Academic research
،10/10/2019 10:23:14 AM، Egbert Quatre SPI of Seychelles calculation of SPI over Seychelles
،5/30/2018 8:08:31 AM، ahsasiddique drought anallysis sargodha region
،08/20/2021 07:11:30 ب.ظ، siamak rainfall anomaly rainfall anomaly
،4/5/2019 1:18:44 PM، Oriangi George Urban resilience to climate extremes Interested in assessing extremes in precipitation and droughts
،9/1/2018 11:32:07 AM، jishan karki i wanted to know the response of pine species to climatic variability,
،13/07/2018 5:20:08 AM، Tshencho Dorji rainfall monitoring For study
،26.01.2021 18:07:37، Waldemar**Treder Drought assessment Research on climate change in Poland
،2022/9/16 8:37:29، Dong He This software will help me calculate SPI from 1959 to 2021 in Changwu station. I promise I will cite this software if paper is published.
،17-08-2018 08:29:41، Waikhom Rahul Singh Drought Characterization in India MTech Project
،13/01/2022 21:24:01، Manuella**Mouafo modelising drought events We are predicting the drougth events to occur in the coming 30 years
،21.04.2019 18:46:24، Bunea Andreea-Iuliana My project aims to analyse the evolution of droughts in the historical province of Muntenia, located in South-Eastern Romania, in the period beginning with 1961 until 2013. For this purpose, I need to calculate several drought indices, including SPI.
،10/10/2018 10:22:32 AM، Dr. Fiaz **Ahmad Drought Cotton and drought
،2022/9/13 5:59:39، Ying Hu I would like to use MDM to study meteorological drought on the Tibetan Plateau. If I publish any future articles, I will cite the software.
،2019/8/25 7:51:52، yaru**muschin none none
،5/23/2021 11:40:37 AM، samar**sakr drought project on lebanon analysing drought over Beqaa in lebanon over 50 years by using KBDIS tools
،5/7/2021 10:39:02 AM، Samar Sakr drought in lebanon the past 30 years the trend of temperature is positif and the precipitation is negatif we want to calculate the periode of drought on a long period data
،30-08-2022 15:29:44، José Ignacio Ayala Lara Along with greeting you, we would like to use your tool to calculate the SPI for a preliminary engineering study for the installation of a wind power plant in the extreme south of Chile.
،16-03-2020 06:23:03، Shradhanjalee Pradhan Drought Analysis Drought Analysis on Brahani basin runoff data
،15/10/2018 5:36:24 AM، Eman**Albalawi Agricultural centres in Saudi Arabia are dependent on groundwater and are highly susceptible to land degradation and water stress. Consequently, urban development resulted from rapid growth in population and poor public policies, causing LULC changes.This is highly visible especialy in the north of the country such as Tabuk. Many studies have been undertaken for mapping and modelling the impact of LULC change at global scale, and so far, there have been very limited studies for Tabuk. In addition, up-to-date LULC maps for Tabuk are not available. The absence of hydrological monitoring stations and lack of comprehensive data for groundwater is also a problem to understand the impact of LULC change on groundwater. The major aim of this study is to evaluate the best geospatial techniques for assessing and predicting LULC change in arid environments, and Tabuk province Saudi Arabia will be used as a case study. Geospatial techniques are viable for evaluting, predicting, and provide accurate and cost-effective tools to understand LULC changes in developing countries. A selection process will determine the most suitable techniques for modeling LULC change. The LULC change for the study area will be examied, in response to increasing human activities. The study will also investigate whether urbanization and agricultural expansion associated with human activity have affected groundwater quality and quantity. This research is also expacted to provide useful information for planning natural resources. The result can assisst future planning, decision-making, and help to minimise environmental impacts in arid environment future developments in relation to urban and agricultural areas.
،22/02/2022 13:07:17، JanJ spi SPI
،2021-02-12 18:08:00، DJELLOULI Fayçal I am Dr DJELLOULI Fayçal, member of the research team led by Pr. BABA HAMED KAMILA (University of Tlemcen - Algeria). I am working on the characterization of the drought on the Wadi Louza watershed (NW-Algeria). This research work is on an academic basis.
،11/01/2018 22:10:49، Matthew **Pearson I will be comparing the number of people living in poverty in Mozambique by both coastal inundation and drought and comparing the insurance solutions to these.
،2/13/2019 7:52:29 AM، amanuel kassaye spi spi
،2/13/2019 2:43:42 PM، amanuel kassaye spi spi
،6/14/2018 12:50:43 PM، sumedh kashiwar Respected Sir/Madam,
،4/8/2022 10:02:40، Kewell Kibet Highlights the sectoral impacts in the basin.
،24/07/2021 03:53:45، Guillermo Aguilar Drought analysis on Altiplanic Area The main objective of the project is to estimate drought severity and its relationship with glaciar melting
،9/8/2018 10:28:50 AM، Aarthi drought assessment To assess the drought condition in tuticorin
،2/22/2021 8:11:22 PM، sara standardized precipitation index spi
،2022-03-26 11:44:14، Dariusz Młyński Meteorological Drought Meteorological Drought
،10/10/2018 5:28:03 AM، Training Workshop Description
،01/24/22 7:30:39 PM، Navneet Sharma**Family Name hydrological modeling of sutluj river Calculaton of drought index
،01/24/22 6:55:18 PM، Navneet Sharma Hydrolgical modeling of Sutluj River Calculation of drought indices
،27-Dec-18 10:35:19 PM، Elias Gezumu I want to calculate the SPI induces in the bilate basin.
،3/9/2018 10:33:00 PM، parima zargaran drought droght monitoring
،10/9/2018 2:34:29 PM، Wilson Munguambe mapeamento da seca no distrito de massangena utilizando o SPI e o EVI
،10.05.2019 13:29:17، Bulent CETİN I will these programme fo my PhD.
،01/25/19 4:30:59 AM، WAIKHOM RAHUL SINGH Investigation of drought Investigation of drought in Assam
،3.08.2018 17:31:00، MURAT SAN Temporal and spatial drought distribution in selected areas.
،08-Jul-19 5:08:55 PM، Semra Kocaaslan PhD Thesis about Drought Thanks for this useful Software by sharing Us!!
،3/26/2018 7:55:57 PM، Hoa**Tran Drought modelling Research on drought indices
،3/26/2018 3:46:04 PM، Hoa Tran Drought modelling This is a part of my phd research applied in southern coastal area of Binh Thuan province, vietnam.
،9/19/2020 6:26:52 AM، B. shaznim Analzing
،10/10/2018 11:08:57 AM، Tahir **Mehmood Student Research
،14.05.2018 11:38:39، murat karaer Drought Occurence Using by SPI drought analysis
،5/2/2021 7:33:24 PM، Abdul Haleem Syed Drought indiex of krshna basin Need to calculate drought index of krishna basin with rainfall data
،06-04-2021 14:36:04، Titas drought in bankura drought monitoring in bankura
،18/10/2019 08:55:10 م، yasmin **yousef drought Study of spatio-temporal characteristics of drought in different climatic regions in Syria
،18/10/2019 09:06:43 م، yasminyousef syria Study of spatio-temporal characteristics of drought in different climatic regions in Syria
،05/08/2018 20:21:56، Lelo Jaime Domingos Tayob Meteorologist Forecaster i Would like to lern and Drought monitorin to my country. since few years ago we had a big drought and nany people died and we had too many loses.
،23.04.2022 07:25:05، abdullah sönmez kuraklık analizi kuraklık analizi
،10/14/2020 6:36:26 PM، Stavroula Zacharoudi My project will take place at Halkidiki region in north Greece. I will calculate the drought indicies from some regional climate models of cordex EUR11. I will see the future climate change and drought in the region in the next years.
،9/29/2021 8:47:39 AM، KJ Personal interest only Personal interest only
،10/17/2018 2:49:32 PM، Rudrapratap Rainfall Rainfall Analysis study
،15/05/2021 14:48:41، Tewelde Berihu drought analysis Over Tigray To analysis drought severity and trend over Gamo Zone
،7/10/2019 9:57:01 AM، Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo Drought modeling Sir I need the key to use the software for my project
،12. 8. 2021 9:06:29، Lenka Lackóová Wind erosion I need to calculate SPI to analyze climate change relating to wind erosion
،1/31/2019 5:07:03 AM، Maryam Akber I will calculate drought indices using this software
،06/05/2021 01:05:30، Fatnan Hikami thank you, i hope you can help me to access this app for my college assignments
،13-02-2020 15:12:25، Rakshith RK Study the patterns of precipitation for namakkal district and calculate SPI values and drought severity
،6/27/2018 10:45:12 AM، saeid hamzeh iran drought i will do drought monitoring in iran
،1/11/2022 2:19:28 PM، omari koica for education
،1/29/2022 7:10:59 PM، kolsoomi57
،09-02-2018 07:08:34، chaithra Drought characterization Drought characterization
،12/17/2018 1:14:14 PM، TESHAGER i want to calculate drought index using mdm software
،11/8/2021 11:36:24 AM، Peter Adoga Adoga Resource use conflict has been on the rise in Nigeria especially within the Benue Valley region. This conflict has led to the death of over 10,000 people in the last decade. Several authors have attributed climate change as a cause of this conflict amongst other factors, this research seeks to verify this claim.
،15.02.2022 12:03:27، halil çot kuraklık kuraklık analizi spi ile
،18-01-2022 03:59:49، Titas Raha Drought Monitoring of the drought
،9/25/2021 7:25:54 PM، Gezahegn Mamuye Regional pastoral livelihood I am doing a research on climate change
،10/18/2018 5:56:51 AM، Arief**Darmawan FDRS We are developing the advance FDRS by integrating satellite data
،6/22/2018 10:39:54 AM، Hanumant Sanap Rainfall Variability Need of Software to help for analysis of data
،10/12/2019 5:41:47 AM، majid hoseini
،8/23/2018 2:04:15 PM، Karina **Milagres Neves Understand the temporal variability of ARID and determinate what is the best drought index that describes the association between drought and tree mortality in two locations locates in tropical forest areas.
،20/05/2022 13:18:12، Christoph Sonneck Jucar River water scarcity University report for masters. Not for publication
،8/3/2018 12:37:42 PM، Drought Analysis in Dowa District The project aims at assessing drought conditions in Dowa district using MDM software.
،31/5/2021 4:54:26 AM، nuryazmeen farhan haron drought study in perlis, malaysia i would like to use MDM to estimate the SPI for drought analysis in perlis, malaysia
،7/11/2018 18:28:31، Ignacio Contreras Estudiar la variabilidad climática de lagunas someras para contrinbuir al ordenamiento territorial, gestión de alerta temprana de inundaciones y planificación urbana, en función de la variabildiad climática local y la respuestas morfométricas de las lagunas a ella.
،6/20/2018 9:36:23 PM، Wlat**Ibrahim Drought drought
،06/04/2022 10:02:12 AM، Kindinti Anusha SPI
،14-07-2021 10:12:11، Tejas Drought Drought
،12/18/2018 6:11:20 AM، Abraham Gojjam bilate water shade I want to calculate SPI using MDM Software so that I can see the possibility of drought in water shade.
،5/14/2019 5:19:09 AM، yash analysis drought analysis for bhadra tehcil
،7/5/2019 3:35:55 PM، walid**mellouk Kbdis I am writing my final thesis to obtain the master's degree
،06/05/2021 3:57:55 AM، Solomon**Legesse Climate change I am a yound scintist and look for skills
،06/03/2021 6:57:36 PM، Solomon Addisu Climate change and drought It is very important
،5/13/2019 4:29:26 PM، Yash Pal Rose Dought Analysis BhadraWeather Station Rajasthan India
،7/20/2018 7:10:05 AM، DPriyasad Drought Analysis Analyse drought patterns and their distribution
،09/11/2018 12:22:00، Sellami Estimation of meteorological drought indices based on MDM
،2019-03-31 19:12:09، jawad el hawari i'm studing climate change indicators in morocco and i focus on meteorologic indices.
،08/04/2018 00:38:28، Danilo Henrique SPI para Regiões Hidrográficas Cálculo do SPI em regiões hidrográficas no período de 1988 até 2017.
،12-10-2020 03:22:42، ASHISH RANJAN SPI Calculation for Nawada Bihar India I am student of ag agrometeorology.Doining study on calculation SPI for Nawada Bihar in country INDIA
،26/05/2021 11:42:50، ELAIR Chaima Drought study in Morocco Drought
،6.06.2021 09:53:43، Okan**ERTOĞRAL Forest Fire in Turkey Investigation of forest fires in Turkey since 2013
،21/04/2019 2:52:38 CH، aaaa**aaa aaaa aaaaa
،4.07.2018 12:59:39، Ahmet**Kumanlıoğlu Drought analysis Drought analysis on Gediz Basin
،4.07.2018 11:53:49، ahmet kumanlıoğlu Drought Analysis Drought Analysis on Gediz Basin
،12/15/2018 4:46:14 AM، Muse Gebreselassie The project/research aims at determining whether there will be a probablity of drought in Bilate watershed in future climate change scenarios.
،28.08.2018 07:15:54، Inken Adrian This students project at the Technical University Munich aims at seeing the impact of weather variables on wheat yields in the northern rayons of Kazakhstan
،8/20/2019 10:26:15 AM، Naznin Nahar Drought performance evaluation SPI index calculation with 15 station of Bangladesh
،7/9/2021 10:59:50 AM، JOEL SAMSON I am doing on analysing the impacts of climate change on surface-runoff in a undergraduate degree. I wil appreciate it if I will get the key.
،06/03/2020 08:23:39 م، omar drought I need this soft to study on drought
،19/03/2018 11:05:03، lattafi drought thank you
Fiorella Vega drought indices in Peru comparision of different drought indices in Peru
،14/08/2018 8:54:48، Rebecca **Van Houtvinck Thesis Study root plasticity of different rice genotypes when subjected to different water treatments under low P condition.
،14/08/2018 10:58:55، Rebecca Van Houtvinck Thesis Study root plasticity of different rice genotypes when subjected to different water treatments under low P condition.
،28/08/2018 10:27:41، ATTEY ROLAND Variabilité climatique Influence de la variabilité climatique sur l'environnement
،14/01/2022 01:46:00، ELHOUSSAOUI mdm plesethank you
،07-03-18 5:43:44 AM، Calvince Wara Drought analysis in Kwale County, Kenya
،5/5/2018 2:49:39 PM، keomanivone phouthakhanty climate change impact on drought it is very usefull for my study
،09/03/2020 17:20:19، KOURICHI drought thankyou
،18-Dec-18 4:34:38 AM، Ayenew Abera To know about Bilate watershed I want calculate SPI value of the watershed and to check about the charactersitics watershed
،1/25/2019 3:53:05 AM، Waikhom Rahul Singh Investigation of drought Investigation of drought in Assam using EDI
،5/29/2018 11:21:39 AM، Taymoor A. Awchi meteorological drought
،23/10/2022 13:32:19، bettaieb yamina DROUGHT DROUGHT
،30-04-2022 17:46:51، Sayantan Haldar Learning I am a student and just learning how to use SPI index. Though I will definitely cite your paper if I ever publish a paper on SPI estimates. Not because of this software, but because your paper is good.
،06/03/2018 06:57:28، habibi SPI and ZHI Projet
،12/16/2018 3:07:30 PM، teshager i want to calculate drought index using mdm software
،10/29/2021 9:14:18 AM، Thu Nguyen SPI SPI for Viet Nam
،12/03/2018 10:43:50 م، alaa**khalaf studient monitoring drought
،28/02/2018 12:57:41 ص، alaa khalaf iraq phd geomatic studient
،10/03/2020 00:17:40، DJELLOULI Fayçal During the last century, Algeria experienced a rainfall deficit was recorded in 1944, then successive drought periods since 1975 to the present day in Northen and Eastern. The most recent has repercussions on water resources and on agriculture. We focus on the meteorological drought. For describing and monitoring drought severity periods, we used meteorological drought indices
،21.06.2021 14:21:36، Boian Ilie Statistical data processing for the elaboration of a set of maps that will reflect the areas with different degree of vulnerability of the sunflower to the environmental conditions
،28/05/2018 12:12:30 م، omar DROUGHT DROUGHT INDICES
،3/9/2022 08:47:01، Mario Herrera Montoya Se realiza un estudios de variables agroclimaticas en 4 municipios de Nicaragua, que están ubicado en el corredor seco y sufren severas condiciones de sequías con perdidas en los cultivos agrícolas. Los municipios bajo estudio son: Somoto, San José de Cusmapa, San Juan de Limay y Macuelizo. El objetivo del estudios es deterninar los indices de sequía, para su monitoreo y facilitar información a los productores para su adpatación. Estos indices serán incluidos en el Plan de adaptacion al cambio climatico de cada municipio y se utilizarán en el sistema de alerta temprana.
،1/17/2019 2:18:51 AM، AMANUEL KASSAYE SPI SPI
،31.08.2018 11:14:56، KEMAL**KEMAL aks Hello, I am a student. I think, your programe will help me for my homework. Thank you.
،31.08.2018 10:57:41، KEMAL KEMAL aks I am a student. I think, your programe will help me for my homework.
،13 Kas 2021 13:55:56، tugce drought analysis SPI
،20/09/2021 17:07:21، dave dhaeze agri transformation coffee Vietnam assessment drought coffee area Vietnam
،2/19/2019 5:42:33 AM، Niloy pramanick SPI
،12/12/2021 09:54:05، siham fadene dhi thank
،20/06/2018 20:23:05، flavio Varone SPI - Secas RS Caracterização de secas no RS com uso do SPI
،19/3/2019 5:13:39 PM، nirav pampaniya SPI for middle Gujarat it will be benificial for drought forcasting in said region
،18-May-18 5:41:48 PM، Muhammad Yaseen the aim of this study is to estimate and examine the severity of hydrological drought at spatio-temporal in Upper Indus Basin Pakistan.
،11/01/2022 18:12:28، Muse Mohamed In this study, the main purpose is only to investigate the major causes and impacts of drought recurrence in Hargeisa Somaliland.
،08/19/2019 10:24:00 AM، bagus**wiwoho characterizing BRB drought and landuse impact
،08/19/2019 6:31:46 AM، bagus setiabudi wiwoho characterizing brantas watershed to measure landuse ichange mpact and dryness index, east of java, Indonesia
،09/03/2020 02:28:45، SISDA CIMANCIS Map of Drought Hazard in Cimanuk Cisanggarung Watershed
،5/30/2019 12:45:59 PM، Daniel Derajew Demmsie To analyze meteorological data and meteorologicaol drought severity in lower part of Mae Nam Nan sub basin.
،07/02/2018 00:11:52، Estevao Jr - -
،3/28/2018 7:13:10 PM، Kimhuy SOK This program is really important to my research topic.
،17/08/2018 3:00:18 PM، John Pepard Rinchon Drought Assessment of Pampanga River Basin using EDI
،9/18/2019 10:45:15 AM، vinothkanna Drought charaterization More useful for my work
،14/11/2021 19:58:42، Gustavo V. P. Souza hybrid drought index evaluate hybrid drought index for the state of Rio de Janeiro
،6/7/2019 5:20:58 PM، Selvan MDM-VAIGAI Drought assessment
،18-Aug-20 10:19:40 PM، majid hoseini index mashhad
،13-09-2019 04:23:46، Shrinwantu S Raha drought monitoring drought monitoring using simulation and global models
،02/02/2018 11.33.40، David Gervasoni Lungimira Drought Monitoring
،2020/3/4 4:55:37، Shanshan**Wang The arid and semi-arid region in northwest China is an important pasturing and irrigated agriculture areas, which is very sensitive to global change. At the same time, in this region, droughts occur frequently, especially the extreme droughts,which have become the biggest bottleneck restricting the local economic development, people's livelihood improvement and ecological security, etc. Therefore, recognizing the variation characteristics of extreme droughts over the arid and semi-arid region in northwest China under global warming, quantifying the contributions of different impact factors and obtaining scientific and accurate developing trend of extreme droughts are not only the critical scientific issues which need to be solved urgently, but also the national demand to improve our capabilities of disaster prevention and mitigation under new situations.
،7/14/2021 6:29:17 PM، Angie Araya Basically what I am doing is analyzing changes due to the implementation of afforestation in the river basin. For this I am calculating different drought indicators and I wanted to calculate de SPI too.
،24/07/2019 5:43:13 PM، ANKUR VISHWAKARMA I Ankur Vishwakarma, Ph.D. Research scholar, pursuing my research work from the Department of Civil Engineering, MANIT, Bhopal, India. My area of research is to understand the different drought indices along with their projections in a severe drought-prone region of India. My work is also focused on to see the applicability of different indices in my study region by verifying historical drought events.
،4/7/2019 12:23:05 AM، Diky**Mulyawan fire vulnerability in jambi peatlands create a map of fire vulnerability in Jambi peatlands and future fire projections
،05/08/2021 19:01:25، Marco Paulo Carlos Recarga Recharge aquifer
،6/11/2018 1:47:55 PM، Gehendra Kharel Drought in southern Great Plains Drought in Oklahoma watersheds.
،5/13/2021 4:03:54 PM، md aminur rahman Calculate spi research
،9.08.2021 10:52:56، Hakan**Aksu Drought and wildfires Description Drought and wildfires linkage is going to be examined in the Mediterrenean region of Tureky
،5/16/2022 6:55:46 AM، Mahdi**Jarahi Registration Hello, please give me access to use your software. Thanks
،4/5/2020 6:51:32 AM، Kyaw Lwin Oo Drought Monitoring in Myanmar to analyze the drought index
،4/29/2021 1:37:48 AM، Esraa Ammar lecturer of Plant Ecology Plant Ecology
،2018-07-18 오전 7:53:24، Kisoo Park agricultural drought I want drought index study
،03/09/2018 08:04:26 ب.ظ، parima zargaran drought drought monitoring
،01-Jan-19 5:05:24 PM، nidhin p drought assessment I need the activation code
،1/11/2022 4:35:30 PM، hushiar Mr. it is ok and it is fine
،29-09-2018 09:24:29، Girija G SPI calculation this will provide easyest way for finding SPI
،11/05/2018 5:37:24 AM، Christa Pudmenzky Drought monitor Developing a drought monitor
،8/15/2018 10:02:07 AM، Agung Nugroho tes tes
،1/24/2021 5:37:51 AM، yohannes berhan drought risk assessment I will be delighted to get this application because it will help me to deliniate drought risk map
،01-04-2022 11:28:21، abhay kumar drought analysis using diffrent index. drought analysis using spi czi and other index for gujarat distric.
،11/2/2017 9:56:08 AM، Abrar Drought Monitoring Regional drought monitoring based indices
،16-May-18 2:36:00 PM، Ali Yagci Drought monitoring Drought monitoring project
،7/18/2018 8:08:35 AM، Nasrin Sultana Agriculture drought Effect of Meterological and agricultural drought on crop production
،05/02/2018 09:55:11 ق.ظ، Nayer**Beigi The Impact of Climate Change on Drought Greetings and Regards I need a KBDIS model to complete my master thesis. Please enable this software for me
،14/07/1400 12:58:21 ب.ظ، Sara Garousi Master thesis I need this tool for my thesis.
،4/16/2021 6:04:42 AM، Nirmal Dahal NSFC-ICIMOD project Cascading Adaptation of Rural Livelihood to Changing Environment in the Koshi River Basin
،9/23/2020 1:12:27 PM، Abdullah Asghar I need this software for the completion of my project which is the monitoring of drought.
،16/10/2018 4:31:17 AM، Nicholas**Bauer Evaluation Student
،21/11/2018 7:47:15 μμ، Nikos malamatinias spi student university
،17-07-2018 10:12:00، Sanjay chinchghare kindly provide the software key
،4/12/2021 7:38:27 PM، Gadisa Geremew Negasa Drought impact on crop production Analyzing SPIand Water index
،2/22/2021 6:15:04 PM، ali project bbb
،2018-03-18 19:03:14، Paulina Bartkowiak Drought within Suedtirol region Application of remotely sensed data and climate data for monitoring drought in south Alps
،03-Apr-19 1:33:34 PM، Neha Adapur Prediction of drought Our projects aims to predict drought in several regions considering rainfall data of past years.
،8/18/2018 4:11:51 AM، John Pepard Rinchon Drought Periodicity Assessment of Pampanga River Basin using Wavelet Analysis and Drought Time Series Data
،25/06/2018 16:34:39، A Drought and pine growth MSc dissertation
،7/9/2019 7:23:18 AM، Chandima Perera Gunasena This project will classify droughts and dry spells in Dry Zone of Sri Lanka
،26/02/2021 09:46:01، Lueni Gonçalves Terra Use of precipitation index for the assessment of agricultural drought
،6/13/2018 5:04:03 AM، shahique sheeraz spi analysis of up hi
،4/5/2021 19:08:25، Andrea Sylvia Mark recap need KBDI data for covaraiates
،7/7/2018 1:21:13 AM، Raymond C. Bentzen Sheridan Climate Analyses of Climate and Drought in the Sheridan, WY USA Area.
،7/12/2018 10:32:47 AM، ahmadreza Ein afshar Monitoring and prediction drought Monitoring and prediction droughts
،06-10-2018 02:40:19 PM، shubham choudhary explore breif out
،2/23/2022 2:21:11 PM، Ibrahim Selunkuma North Darfur It is for study purposes
،06/05/2019 10:40:18 AM، C.Ajay Drought Analysis Drought Analysis by different indices
،10/17/2019 5:26:05 AM، abdisamad abiib Researcher to get full data
،7/16/2018 6:03:27 PM، ashokkumar n drought prediction i required for drought prediction anantapur
،29/11/2018 05:30:48، David Carrillo Sequia en Santa Cruz Medicion de indice de sequia para la zona de santa cruz guanacaste, Costa Rica
،6/7/2021 8:41:10 AM، Dr Ishfaq Ahmad Drought Assessment Research on historical and future drought assessment
،5/5/2018 3:04:43 PM، keo ptkt drought assesment it is very usefull
،5/31/19 11:54:14 AM، simegne mideksa practice my name is simegne i need this software for thesis
،11-07-2022 14:59:03، varsha K N Dought assessment using SPI Drought assessment
،20-06-2018 16:58:17، Respected Sir, I am having my research work on Changing agricultural scenario and climatic changes in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. In this regard I need access to this software. So, I hope you will kindly allow me.
،31/03/2022 22:09:24، bahouar el-houssaine calcul SPI j'ai besoin d'utiliser MDM pour le calcul de SPI dans le cadre de mon projet de licence et merci beaucoup
،3/27/2018 4:53:04 PM، Hoa **Tran Drought modelling drought indices
،3/27/2018 4:57:23 PM، hoa tran Drought modelling Drought indices
،17/07/2019 19:18:49، ashenafi yimam calculating drought severity change drought impact on agriculture
،04/03/2018 14:38:45، Walid urbanisme amenagement
،09-Apr-19 2:42:08 PM، Zoi Brozou Drought Indices Calculation of drought indices
،29-11-2020 14:01:24، ashokkumar n drought studies in ananrapur please acept my registration
،02/23/2018 2:55:22 AM، Dr. Denis Amara The study intends to assess and evaluate various drought indices in order to identify best drought indices for drought monitoeing in the sub region.
،30/12/2018 23:20:27، Cheikh Faye Drought paper
،5/10/2018 20:57:36، Karim Espinoza San Rafael Análisis de sequias
،14/04/2018 5:03:28 PM، Biharilal Ahirwar Drought analysis Drought monitoring in BRB.
،5/1/2020 8:23:01 AM، muhammad ilyas self work want work on droughts
،5/19/2019 5:31:56 AM، Ali Afshin Drought monitoring and forecasting useing markov chain and hidden markov model
،02.06.2021 07:35:46، Frieda Dota Test Just try out.
،2018/5/9 4:52:39، Foyez Ahmed Prodhan Drought Drought monitoring in Bangladesh
،5/12/2018 6:33:51 PM، Ahmed Karim Drought Thesis
،24-Feb-22 07:43:05، Kolan**KK KBDI Description
،9/11/2022 8:01:55 AM، Nematullah toghani drought Drought index calculation training at Bamyan University
،08/06/2021 07:56:15 م، mohamed amar use spi index to montorig drought in addition of use remote sensing and gis to apply maps for RABAIA district in Ninava governerate in Iraq state .
،21/06/2019 16:09:29، Daniel**Kpienbaareh Climate variability in Malawi Linking climate incidence with food insecuirty in Malawi
،07.06.2018 08:28:23، Hasan TATLI Drought Analysis Of Turkey I will use the software for academic studies
،15/03/2022 15:15:27، Matteo Ragno Crical issues of a mountain community Critical social and environmental issues of a mountain community in the italian Appennines (Castiglione dei Pepoli, Bologna)
،13-11-2017 03:12:34، Rahul patil Drought characterization and modelling Drought forecasting
،08/12/2018 22:12:21، eric marteles crop modelling master thesis
،4/26/2022 3:34:28 PM، robi muharsyah drought research in indonesia comparing EDI with SPI in Indonesia
،05/11/2017 21:55:29، abdelhamid el ibrahimi spi tres bien
،09/02/1398 05:18:05 ب.ظ، sadegh**hd goh Description
،8/7/2018 1:54:25 PM، Hajar Ameen Ameen education Teaching students
،8/18/2021 10:49:33 AM، K Ajaykumar SPI drought Index estimation Drought moniter in a region
،2022/3/10 13:19:07، gg gg gg
� � ������y�8]¬���jy<��:Y �s
،22.06.2018 22:16:14، Malgorzata Stolarska Service 4 Drought Project founded by ESA.
،22-06-2022 18:15:10، Aavani Sunil drought analysis to identify and visualize the drought of the region
،19/3/2021 12:46:47 PM، handsome nyoni forest fire risk mapping mapping of forest fire risk in zimbabwe
،05.08.2021 09:46:18، Dariusz Mlynski The main aim of project is analysis of relationship between e-flows and SPI index for selected catchments in central Europe. The conducted studies will allow to calculate e-flows in function of SPI-index.
،5/14/2019 4:59:20 AM، Faisal Rajper Water Engineering I want to use this software for assessing various undices
،10/06/2018 12:03:07 AM، Lazarus P Lugoi Agricultural research Conducting research on Climate change
،7/8/2021 3:14:19 PM، abebe daniel drought forcast i need this software to in order to estimate the drought index in ethiopia
،24-Oct-20 5:04:57 AM، Army Limin The fisrt part of the project is to study how topography, nutrients and water availability affects large tree dynamics (growth, mortality and recruitment).
،8/5/2018 8:38:26 PM، kassaw for drought index calculation
،19-06-2018 13:57:46، kanthavel Drought Index Analysis of drought index
،2/22/2022 9:51:57 AM، Shweta Gautam Drought monitoring in Davengiri For thesis purpose
،31.07.2018 19:06:50، Ahmet Kumanlıoğlu Drought analysis Drought analysis in Turkey
،15-04-2021 14:53:45، Jitendra Rajput IARI Data Analysis of IARI Pusa
،08/11/2018 10:07:01، Mohamed P2F WWW
،3/20/2021 7:29:43 AM، bereket meteorological assessment solve
،28/06/2018 14:52:51، setyawan purnomo asesment kekeringan untuk wilayah utara kabupaten lumajang
،1/21/2021 9:29:40 AM، rajee i need in this software for my research work
،20-11-2020 14:04:40، abhay pampaniya SPI SPI calculate
،07/05/2019 7:00:20 AM، ASHWANI KUMAR Drought Analysis Drought Analysis
،27/06/2019 15:09:09، Doctor I use this program for our climate data monitoring in SouthWestern of Madagascar
،27/06/2019 15:35:52، We monitoring the climate variable since 2006 to explain the change on plant phénology of southwestern dry spiny foest of Madagascar
،25/06/2018 07:32:05 م، yasmin**yousef rapid drought student master at the university
،22/06/2018 02:55:50 م، yasmin yousef syria student master at university
،7/19/2018 4:56:32 AM، ashokkumar hydrological drought studies i am using studies for drought
،4/5/2019 9:37:08 πμ، fil va SPI DROUGHT studying spi drought index
،4/28/2019 3:32:53 AM، Simran Parvin drought analysis of bankura district SPI calculation and analysis
،26.04.2018 17:17:00، ercan yavuz kuraklık analizi dasdasasd
،28.05.2022 18:45:30، Mustafa ERİŞMİŞ Drought Analysis Studies in Turkey I will use it for my PhD study.
،9/25/2020 6:21:21 PM، Hadi janati reliablity reliablity drought index
،07-Sep-20 05:57:46 PM، cfmspatna drought study of south bihar drought management using spi criteria
،04/18/2018 9:45:55 AM، Patana Wichitarapongsakun Drought Analysis Drought Analysis
،7/5/2021 12:51:34 PM، adesuyi adebukola drought trends drought occurences in yelwa state
،4 Ara 2021 22:19:43، ANDRE NAHAYO spi calculation calculate
،7/4/2019 7:50:35 AM، Hoda Ghasemieh climate change and drought I work on Isfahan stations
،29-9-18 8:25:42، kanthavel Drought analysis by SPI. The find out different category of drought events by SPI in North East India in various time Scales.
،05/08/2022 14:32:49، ahmed celine PFE( projet de fin d'etude) Suivi de la secheresse dans la region de GUELMIM/MAROC
،2/18/2019 5:44:29 AM، Hamid Naghlu Best software for drought monitoring
،19/05/2018 14:05:42، Nazirou TOUNE DMN Direction de la meteorologie Nationale
،4/2/2018 11:04:21 PM، Tyler Carte compaing a mountain city and a coastal city in the sam lattitude and their drought conditions
،2022/3/10 12:46:46، gg gg wwww
،23/3/2018 7:09:24 AM، Tan Kok Chooi Drought Monitoring Hydrometeorology
،6/19/2018 9:21:08 AM، Boureima Karidjo Yacouba the objective is to use drought indexes to show the trend of field aridity in Niger from 1923
،08-20-2020 09:19:48، Waikhom Rahul Singh Drough analysis Drough analysis in Meghalaya
Rediet Kassahun I am doing my thesison assessment of drought probablity in Areka. For thispurpose I need to calculate SPI and your software is oneof the best to do so.
،2018-03-21 11:00:24، Michał Stolarczyk Caluculation of drought index calucalting
،3/17/2018 7:57:50 AM، Muhammad Shahid Drought assessment in Indus basin Drought assessment in Indus basin
،1/12/2019 7:36:16 AM، Ali Afshin Drought Prediction Using HMM Using Spi Value and HMM model for drought prediction in iran, karoon river basin
،27-06-2022 10:13:05، shahid anwar drought analysis analysing drought using various methods
،12/31/2018 7:30:15 PM، Habtamu Bekele index for bilate water shade using mdm i want to calculate monthly spn using mdm software so that i can see the probability of drought in the watershed
،31.03.2021 09:53:25، esra arastırma lısans
،08/05/2018 13:56:52، Max Hartmann seminar project seminar project
،10/18/2018 12:57:23 AM، PRADITYA TITO YOSANDI Analisis Spasial indeks kekeringan dengan metoda SPI di provinsi jawa tengah pada tahun el nino 2015
،10/24/2022 10:28:37 AM، Aliyu Ismaila Daily rainfall data is required and subsequently subjected to SPI and EDI analysis/
،7/06/2019 3:29:26 AM، Shivaraj Gurung Tas SPI Zonal SPI calculation.
،6/5/2019 10:46:57 PM، Zohir Drought Characterization using Standard Precipitation Index (SPI) in Saïss Plan in Morocco
،1/10/2019 5:54:18 PM، ala a m salameh doctor i am a doctorate stuednt
،01-25-2019 04:25:33، WAIKHOM RAHUL SINGH Investigation of drought Investigation of drought in Assam
،6/20/2021 11:41:10 AM، sohr test tt
،8/28/2018 2:30:39 PM، First Name **Family Name Title Description
،8/11/2018 12:09:54 AM، Zohaib**Sarwar Seepage Estimation Statistical analysis is to be done for estimation of seepage
،8/28/2018 3:58:26 PM، Nasrin**Salehnia Title Description
،8/28/2018 2:15:26 PM، atena**pezeshki Title Description
،9/12/2018 6:57:06 PM، Fahad**Ahmed Research paper Estimation of sediments by using ANNs.
،22/04/2018 01:53:12، nash sutcliffe I am calibrating a hydrological model (WASA-SED) for the Brazilian semiarid.
،01/05/2018 15:20:18، Emerson **Neto da silva efficiency criterias I am calculating the efficiency of a hydrological model for semi-arid of the ways to calculate this efficiency is to calculate the coefficient of nash sutcliffe.
،7/6/2018 4:27:03 AM، Intekhab**Alam Spi index For Drought, Japan Drought year comparing with health effects
،9/19/2018 7:23:15 AM، Falak channa extreme events analysing in balochistan different indices are calculated to quantify the drought and its identification in balochistan.
،5/11/2018 10:29:04 AM، Salil K. Shrivastava Drought characterization in northeast The drought indices are to be used to identify the drought situation in this humid part of India.
،5/11/2019 1:12:07 PM، Ananya Singha identification of Purulia village level Calculate SPI and other Index
،8/17/2018 5:39:23 AM، sunil drought drought
،8/28/2018 4:51:06 AM، Brijesh **Kumar Drought Monitering Drought monitering
،8/28/2018 4:36:35 AM، Brijesh Kumar Drought Monitering Drought monitering
،15-12-2021 8:26:23، Hi i need de password because im doing a investigation for my graduation
،6/4/2019 5:11:30 AM، amin noori extension of current form models it is a test run.
،10-Apr-18 4:56:50 PM، Moses Kan DROUGHT ASSESSMENT assessing drought by SPI
،6/11/2018 6:43:19 AM، USONGO BETRAN APONG Monitoring the SPI FOR THE TOWN OF BUEA This project aims at evaluating the SPI variation for the town of Buea and sorting for drought metication method
،05-05-2018 01:27:34 AM، S Prasad Test safa
،3/16/2018 7:02:28 AM، Khalid **Elhag drought montiring Research project for MSc degree
،3/16/2018 7:06:46 AM، khalid elhag Drought montiring Research project for MSc degree
،15/12/2563 16:21:57، Mr.Nakharet Linpon calculate Standardized Precipitation Index
،2/27/2021 21:14:25، omar**allaleh suivie des secheresse sur la republique nous avons besoin de ce logiciel pour les suivies et previsions des periodes de secheresse
،2/27/2021 20:26:24، omar Allaleh nous l'avons besoin de ce logiciel pour la recherche
،9/6/2018 8:35:00 AM، Tesfaye Tessema Gintamo This is PhD research project in Environmental and Water Science at University of the Western Cape, South Africa
،26-02-2021 08:31:54، Suchismita Mohapatra SPI index calculation i need to download this software for College project work.
،29/11/2021 01:24:01، Yudcan Passu Menghhitung Indeks Kekeringan
،06/12/2021 12:03:06، fatima taleb agricole thank you
،4/22/2019 2:56:20 PM، Oumaima el baroudi calcul spi de la region marrakech-safi calcul de spi des differentes station de la region marrakech-safi
،7/9/2021 9:08:38 AM، JOEL MUSONYE SAMSON I am assessing and analysing how the various climatic variables influence surface run-off.I need to calculate SPI in order to characterise the extent of drought in the area.
،04/12/2017 07:54:35، Brigadier Libanda Drought monitoring in India Use SPI to monitor drought in India
،04/02/2019 7:37:58 AM، shewandagn lemma for teachning purpose For teaching Flood and Drought mnagement
،8/3/2021 11:08:01 AM، M Hydrology hydrology
،7/17/2019 3:31:29 PM، Md. Hasanuzzaman Using SPI,SPEI and other index to estimate climate of Bangladesh
،22-02-2022 10:38:24، Varsha nagraj msc thesis work
،2018-03-31 오전 7:38:44، JAE-HYUN RYU drought indices i have been studying dought in South Korea.
،30-Aug-18 11:17:38، Wilson Armando Munguambe I am developing my degree in geography at eduardo mondlane university in Mozambique.
،9/12/2018 2:15:35 PM، Mohammad Abdul Awal Drought Forecasting Drought forecasting due to climarte change in Bangladesh
،9.12.2020 16:19:30، samet ı am student master license
،12/17/2018 9:36:44 PM، eyasu gebre index for areka water shede using mdm i want to calculate monthly spn using MDM software so that i can see the probability of drought in the water shade and other spn of rain
،9/10/2018 10:09:24 AM، kumar waterstress in ag crops waterstress in ag crops of AP
،2/11/2021 11:04:28 AM، Mladen Milanovic 37 Drought analysis
،26-09-2018 11:44:53، divya bharathi drought assessment assessment of drought
،29-11-2021 06:10:11، ANIKET KHARE R&D R&D
،27/02/2018 02:08:45 م، asmaa alshrabasy researsher Agricultural land’s Management And It’s Relationship To Yield Efficiency Of The Soil In Dakahlia Governorate’s Provinces In The West Of Damietta Branch " A Study In Economic Geography Using Geomatics"
،4/27/2019 9:37:03 AM، Simran parvin Calculate SPI and other Index
،6/10/2021 5:34:07 PM، Kaitlyn Smith Precipitation Monitoring and Prediciton To monitor and predict precipitation patterns in the Wintergarden area of southern Texas.
،10/01/2022 17:17:44، El Mostafa Darfaoui UNCCD Reporting Use SPI Reporting
Beza Berhanu I am doing my thesis on the assessment of drought probablity in Areka town. For this purpose I want to calculate SPI and this software is the best and no complaint has been raised on it.
،23/04/2022 16:09:53، yohannes erhan droght monitoring i love this helpful software
،28.05.2019 08:53:39، miray perihanoglu .. ...
،23/12/2018 10:50:02 AM، royalos Just a test Just a test about drought index
،29/03/2022 15:22:49، yellowsparkle Drought it's about drought and precipitations in my country
،9/21/2019 8:07:02 AM، Shrinwantu **Raha drought monitoring Description
،10/20/2018 7:21:45 AM، SHRINWANTU RAHA Analysis of Drought of Bankura District Want to analyze Meteorological Drought of Bankura district with effect on Tourism.
،12/4/2018 10:23:32 AM، Nghia**nghia meteo nothing
،14-Apr-18 04:21:52، Arny Lattu GIS Task of College
،07/23/2022 10:26:33 ق.ظ، Arash Rezapour drought index extract EDi drought index
،9/5/2018 3:53:53 AM، tchuenga**seutchueng climate change impact on agriculture  Determine the variation of climate parameter also calculation of SPI index
،8/30/2022 10:20:07 PM، rachid rachid drought meteorological Finding the meteorological drought
،2019-03-19 09:06:36، Suryavanshi Drought analysis Drought analysis for water management
،2018-4-19 2:30:53، Zhangtianfeng I wish use it I wish use it
،5/29/2019 12:01:03 PM، Adnan Mazrae groundwater management .
،20/12/2021 13:53:06، maoui ammar hydrologie hydrolohgie-hydrogeologie
،31.03.2021 22:07:11، Yasemin Deniz Öztürk SPI analyasis of Turkey I want to SPI analyze for some meteorology stations in Turkey.
،2020/4/23 20:23:35، Chen Zhs Dr. I'm very interested in MDM and want to use it for research.
،7/3/2018 8:13:18 PM، Simulação climatica no Brasil Simulação climatica no Brasil
،5/19/2018 2:04:20 PM، kantha drought index drought monitoring
،22-06-2018 10:42:31، Surjeet Singh River rejuvenation and drought analysis In St river catchmen,t India.
،29/03/2022 15:55:49، Sara ALI Calculating SPI Calculating SPI for tensift watershed
،6/11/2021 9:46:45 AM، Iyasu Zewde Asfaw research I love to use this software to facilitat my work
،4/29/2019 12:12:01 PM، Egbert Quatre The SPI will be used to assess the spatial and temporal rainfal distribution of rainfall over the seychelles islands.
،09/07/2018 08:35:00، Krouma Mariem calculation of drought indices I went to calculate SPI indice to evaluate the climate
،5/2/2018 10:08:43 AM، R Dravid Droughts assessment over parts of Asia We will analyse droughts in this work.
،4/4/2022 7:06:22 AM، Sosuke Drougth Monitoring Dvelop drought indices, categorise dorught
،26-May-18 3:43:31 PM، Mohammad Ahsan Uddin Drought analysis Statistical analysis of drought in north-west Bangladesh
،2/10/2019 6:41:03 PM، Saikat Das This research project aims to integrate multi-source remote sensing data for comprehensive drought monitoring. To assess the drought hazard and risk implementing spatial and temporal datasets of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) in integration with socio-economic vulnerability.
،30-11-2021 10:05:00 AM، Jonmenjoy Barman jonmenjoybarman07@gmail.cpm Drought monitoring in NE india Basically NE india came under SW monsoon climate. Today global warming has an negative impact onnthis region.
،7/14/2021 10:56:42 AM، Mahammed Endrias Research Land use land cover
،12/12/2021 09:52:55، sihamfadene dhi thank
،2018-10-28 12:36:28، FARHAT Lokmen Rainfall Variability in Medjerda Basin At the Mediterranean basin scale, it is difficult to give a general estimation of the climate change impact on the frequency of extreme rainfall events. In fact, the study of Raymond et al. (2016) reveals that some regions, such as the north of Portugal and most parts of Italy, are characterized by a decreasing trend in total annual precipitations and annual number of rainy days, whilst in other regions, such as the southwest of Anatolia (Turkey) and the southeast of Balkans, it is the opposite. In this context, the goal of this study is to characterize the temporal variability of extreme rainfall events in the Medjerda Basin.
،2021/04/18 15:00:25، Dhouha Ben Othman Drought Monitoring Drought Monitoring in a semi-arid Tunisian Region
،10.11.2021 23:53:47، gaye akturk drought drought
،18-Dec-18 7:50:35 AM، tegenemekonnen boditiranfail calculate SPI of boditiranfall
،21/04/2021 21:36:01، Amy**Duffy Australia Bushfires NSW, Australia. Analysis of 2019/20 bushfire season using FFDI.
،21/04/2021 21:15:36، Amy Duffy 2019 Bushfire Season Analysis of 2019/2020 NSW busfhires, Australia
،5/12/2018 10:54:55 AM، Alvin Benjamin DROUGHT ANAYSIS IN A SEMI ARID REGION
،02/03/19 9:37:19 PM، royalos Drought Indices Just use it as a comparsion with my own tools.
،04/05/2019 11:09:39 AM، Alex Nimusiima Drought analysis in Uganda I am interested in studying drought situations in Uganda for both historical and future periods
،18-06-2022 12:30:36، priyanko das this tool has been used to monitor the drought condition over lake victoria basin
،16/02/2018 4:26:36، Patana Drought Analysis Drought Analysis in River Basin
،23-03-2018 13:09:53، mohit mayoor comparison of drought indices I am working on the comparison of drought indices with the standardized precipitation index in marathwada region district maharashtra india asia
،4/16/2018 9:09:55 AM، Eithen Hughes Exploring Exploring maps
،5/30/2018 11:16:10 PM، omidsediqi drought spi
،12/19/2018 4:14:15 AM، desalegn dafursa I want to calculate the monthly SPI using MDM software so that i can see the probability of drought in the watershed.
،03/26/2019 11:50:17 ق.ظ، mehri saeedinia I need registeration key to do my project
،6/11/2019 11:57:08 AM، Tapas Mahesh The current study entitled “To study multi-sensor integrated index for drought monitoring and further to develop new multivariate integrated Drought Index” is an experimental project work which is mainly focused towards creation of new Multivariate Drought Index.
،10/22/2018 6:56:19 PM، Farhan saleem drough moniroing in pakistan drought indices calculations using precipitation data
،20.3.19 18:01:29، Peter Teufelberger Predict crop yield via LSTM I am writing my Master Thesis referring yield prediction for Austrian agricukture. I would like to incude PDSI in my work and therefore intend to use the software to generate the index.
،3/22/2018 8:23:37 AM، BOGERE TONNY This research is meant to investigate the possibilty of using satellite products and observed data to monitor drought cases in Uganda.
،19.11.2021 06:01:13، Jack Loging Drought affecting trees I need to use SPI for caracterisation of wether and to select years with problemes related to drought.
،07-08-2018 09:35:57، Pranav Drought Analysis Meteorological Drought Analysis
،21-May-18 8:39:13 AM، bikas Nitai Hare Krishna
،13/04/2021 06:12:24 ص، alaa ghadhban khalaf iraq phd civil engineer
،2021/9/27 8:23:05، Junyi**Lixu Analysis of Birthcip Town My major is master of landscape architecture. We are trying to find local KBDI to select the most suitable site for our design, climate response landscape design
،1/2/2019 11:03:15 AM، Leila**gharedaghi Test Description
،08/05/19 6:37:36 PM، Sakil Drought map prepared
،3/13/2019 7:31:22 PM، Abdul Rehman drought analysis study to check the drought analysis.
،4/13/2018 2:05:25 AM، Kelvin Mulungu Resource Economics Estimating farmer response to climate risk
،13.01.2022 12:58:07، ergun akbas climate change In the mdm program, for example, when we enter precipitation and temperature values between 1963-2021, how should the years template be?
،6/24/2019 5:29:38 AM، venkat spi for data just for data extraction
،1/27/2018 11:04:45 AM، tuan ngyen SPI PhD Theissi
،09-07-2021 09:57:04، Jaideep Arsee Hathliya Analysis of Drought Calculation of various drought indices using different softwares and satellite imagery.
،06-12-2021 2.41.46 PM، siddharth student i am me student
،12/25/20 5:13:24 PM، m**baghban KBDIs HELP FOR MY PROJECT
،20/06/2022 02.37.57، Puji Utomo I will use this program for my research about drought hazard index under climate change in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Thank u
،20-Jun-18 1:45:33 PM، saifulla drought analysis drought analysis
،8-6-2019 12:00:02، Jonathan drought 2100 in the netherlands calculating drought chance in the netherlands
،03.06.2021 06:30:09، Domenco Rodion Estimation of the influence of environmental factors on the incidence and aggressiveness of pathogens in sunflowers, including on the basis of multiannual data
،24-08-2018 08:47:50، provided full version
،19/08/23 3:33:27 PM، hamid rahimi education greet
،3/23/2019 6:33:38 AM، I am undegraduate student of University of Jaffna Faculty of Agriculture.Im doing reserch project with above title and my main objective is the Analysis of rainfall variation and analysing drought in the kilinochchi district. So i planned to use SPI for that. Thatz i need help from you.
،2018/12/10 8:15:43، wangrui natural disaster risk assessment natural disaster risk assessment
،5/1/2021 9:25:53 AM، ahmad drought drought analysis
،12/04/2019 10:03:32 ق.ظ، سید عبدالحمید هاشمی spi calculate drought indices
،10/10/2018 10:39:15 AM، ASIA**Perveen Drought Drought
،10/10/2018 8:00:04 AM، ASIA drought workshop drought
،2/13/2019 12:32:05 AM، amanuel kassaye spi spi
،31.10.2018 14:17:30، okan katipoğlu I am a researcher at the Ataturk university, I need drought indexes for my doctoral thesis.
،5/30/2021 2:56:51 PM، Angad Lamichhane SPI calculte For the calculation for SPI for academic project
،10/10/2019 9:39:17 AM، ehsan**azimi about forecasting drought about forecasting drought
،16/08/2018 9:20:58 AM، Falak Analysis of extreme events in Balochistan region through different indices like SPI.
،02/03/2021 6:20:20 AM، SILPA SENAN Climate Change Impact Study Assessing impacts of future climate change on water availability
،3/14/2019 3:31:57 AM، First Name **Family Name Title Description
،6/23/2019 5:54:20 PM، Raima mehmood Drought identification and extreme events in Sindh through different monitoring indices.
،9/7/2019 6:49:55 μμ، Giota Koukouli Climate change Calculation of indices
،24/10/2018 11:44:05 AM، Pradnya Dhage Drought estimation SPI calculation
،18/3/2019 6:18:01 μμ، Zoi Brozou Drought Indices Calculation of drought indices
،10.11.2021 23:46:01، gaye akturk drought drought
،2/16/2019 12:31:05 AM، Pichamon Navinudomsap RainPredict RainPredictInThailand
،15/10/2021 13:58:50، Alaya Research relation between drought and fluctuation of the precip
،5/2/2021 6:13:40 AM، Said Laith Drought Master Project
،2/14/2020 6:50:52 AM، Assefa**Gedle Characterization of watershed using meteorological and Hydrological drought indexis
،22-Apr-19 11:46:25 AM، Zohir HARBOUL le mémoire de mon Master
،20/09/1397 08:20:23 ب.ظ، khadijeh Rahimi effect of drought on ES How Drought can decrease Ecosystem services
،5/30/2019 11:26:39 PM، Lidya dawit practice on drought I am Lidya Dawit and me and my group members need this software to do our thesis
،27.04.2018 09:56:37، mustafa drought drought
،17/09/2018 06:22:21، ABDOUL-OIKIL SAID ANACM We have rainfall data and we need to calculate the SPI index
،26.01.2021 12:23:42، Sinan** DEMİR Applied Sciences University of Isparta I want to use it in academic studies. I want to use the data I have produced from this program in part of my doctoral thesis.
،2021/05/06 12:54:24، Omolola Adeola Assessment of the performance of EDI, SPI-6 and SPI-12 in determining the period of the likelihood of the occurrence of extreme drought/flood in the Free State province of South Africa.
،28/09/2018 18:00:09، Leonardo Ceregato The main objective of this project is have a caracterization of the drought with 100 years data of preciptation in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil.
،19-Jun-18 6:29:15 AM، sami**shah I am a PhD student in ANU, Canberra, Australia and am working on subject title.
Elba Lupita Alvarado Michi Assesment of hazard, vulnerability and risk to make proposals for reducing risk from their prevention
،20/08/2021 20:16:47، leon**cheung X
،1/23/2019 11:44:51 PM، elkhamsi yassin protection and gestion the water i want to analyse many documents station
،04-Mar-20 06:40:07، Tegar Ramadhan Drought Hazard Monitoring Drought Hazard Monitoring at Cimanuk Cisanggarung Watershed in Java Island
،29-10-2020 07:23:32، Palash Chaudhary drought indices MINI project
،8/10/2019 10:51:07 AM، shakibul islam analysis of ET data computing all kind of drought method and estimate et data
،04-06-18 10:42:06، KADIR Mokrane Drought over Algeria This work presents a methodology to characterize the climate of a region, characterize meteorological drought and alert to agricultural drought. The study of the variability of climatic factors is carried out by calculating their position and dispersion parameters. the determination of the bioclimatic stage of the region is made based on several climatic indices. Similarly, several indices have been used to identify meteorological drought, severity, duration and probability of occurrence. At the end of the statistical models were used to follow the evolution of the agricultural campaign and predict the yield at an advanced stage.
،13/7/2022 4:16:15، Adrian KBRI proyect
،02-07-2019 07:41:50، smruti ranjan drought of maharastra drought monitoring of all districts of maharastra for vegetation
،31-01-2018 10:17:42، Dr Jyotiprakash Padhi Effective Drought Index EDI
،2/19/2019 3:41:46 AM، Nguyen Ngoc Hoa Drought of Highlands in Vietnam Master thesis
،10/19/2019 12:49:13 PM، meysam toulabi meysam.toulabi@gmail.comi academic i need to register this application
،3/13/2022 11:30:43 PM، fardin moradi Drought monitering and prediction Drought monitering and prediction
،7/13/2018 10:00:49 AM، Wasim Iqbal PhD Thesis I use the model for my PhD
،24/05/2021 22:43:58، PEDRO MORENO RIO SECO Proyectos amphos 21
،1/1/2019 6:57:15 PM، rozbeh koshahi Research Use of Indices for Mazandaran Drought Research Project
،6/18/2019 7:11:37 AM، pham thi bich thuc I want to calculate the term limit to serve the exploitation of coastal rainwater in the most effective way. Please give me this software to calculate drought indicators. Thank you.
،29/11/2018 14.38.36، zenia**savitri merupakan tugas kuliah yang masih dalam rencana. lokasi penelitian dilakukan di Semarang, Jawa Tengah menggunakan data curah hujan dan suhu dari stasiun Klimatologi Semarang tahun 1981 - 2017
،10/5/2018 5:52:53 AM، channa extreme events in balochistan looking for extreme events in balochistan.
،06/05/2022 10:08:47 م، Mohamed**ALI Cordex Drought Analysis by Coordex Data
،10/24/2018 12:00:45 PM، Ayele Desalegn SPI analysis analysing SPI for andit tid watershed using long term meteorological data
،9/18/2018 1:13:22 PM، Tuan**Nguyen PhD Thesis PhD Thesis
،8/1/2018 2:15:09 AM، tuannguyen SPI PHD
،01-10-2018 10:50:45، effi drought assessment
،31/12/2018 14:18:47، Eden Tatek Drought assessment in Omo Watershed I want to assess the drought probablity in Omo watershed of Ethiopia. so I need this software.
،31-01-18 12:19:12 PM، Hamdullah PHD work i am working on the topic climate change
،7/14/2019 4:49:02 PM، Pallavi K. Maity Drought Prediction Prediction of drought in districts of maharashtra, India using SPI
،2/3/2019 2:21:46 PM، Ogunrinde Tope I need this software to enable me compute SPI, RDDI, EDI, ZI and etc
،29/03/2021 17:13:50، Ailton Modelagem UFRPE
،16/2/2562 3:34:46، Patthawut Jaidee DoughtAnalysis DoughtAnalysis
،10/1/2019 2:28:59 AM، Kessaraporn Hongsri na analyze
Luisa Vallejo Indices de Sequias Sequia para colombia
،16/03/2021 11:46:05، asma bettahar PhD prepare an article about the drought
،26.3.2019 13:37:00، Peter Roncak Drought index This research deals with drought index.
،15.04.2022 11:00:20، Buse ZR Drought Regional drought monitoring based indices
،23/09/2019 13:04:46، moeketsi**hlalele drought to do research related to drought
،29/06/2018 07:17:14، Protein2Food PROTEIN2FOOD has been awarded funding from the EU research and innovation framework programme, Horizon2020, under the Societal Challenge 2 – Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy. The funding is for five years, starting from April 2015.
،17/11/2018 12:36:19 PM، nama ghule calculation data best data calculation
،11/1/2022 5:33:06 PM، Yabi drought analysis regional drought analysis using Z index
،16-Oct-18 2:57:16 AM، Arief**Darmawan FDRS We are developing the FDRS for peatland
،16-Oct-18 4:29:13 AM، Arief Darmawan FDRS We are developing the FDRS for peatland
،19.11.2022 10:34:37، Ertuğrul Ergül Çiftlik Natural farm products
،7/12/2021 11:40:27 AM، Hilda koech Drought analysis in Marsabit I am undertaking a research project analyzing drought in Marsabit for undergraduate.
،6.09.2018 20:43:48، esener 1 2
،7/31/2018 4:26:56 PM، Munetsi Mapeture Drought being a slow onset disaster, its impact to agriculture and food security is immense. Frequent and prolonged dry periods may result in situations affecting the availability of water as well as food insecurity. The impacts to the socio-economic conditions of the population would also be severe. Studies have projected increased drought conditions in Southeast Asia in the future with likely possibility of drought conditions emerging from moderate to severe in near future periods (2021-2050) and moderate to extreme conditions in the far future period (2071-2100). It has also shown that a smaller anomaly of rainfall and projected higher evaporation can potentially lead to a higher severity of drought. While the IPCC report of Working Group (WG) II stated with confidence, that in Asia the increased risk of drought relating to water and food shortage will lead to malnutrition over the region (IPCC, 2014), it would therefore, be very useful to have more information about drought severity and the frequency in the future under different IPCC RCP scenarios for Southeast Asian region. This
،26/01/2022 17:53:41، Kellyth Alpamarca SPI
،4/4/2021 1:18:08 μμ، Stavroula Zacharoudi Using drought indicies in climate change conditions in Halkidiki. My project will take place at Halkidiki region in north Greece. I will calculate the drought indicies from some regional climate models of cordex EUR11. I will see the future climate change and drought in the region in the next years. Please accept my registration. Thank you in advance.
،5/31/2021 1:37:11 AM، NUR SYAHIRAH ROSLAN DROUGHT STUDY IN PERLIS i need to find SPI for drought in Perlis for my Final Year Project analysis. i use to find SPI to determine drought occur in Perlis, Malaysia.