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What is the difference between Netcdf Extractor Version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, and 2.1?

Version 1.0: You can extract your desirable data from NetCDF files one-by-one, and you can easily merge your data.

Version 1.1: It's the same as V1.0 but in this version there is a “Grid Number Calculator” for converting your coordinate to a Grid number (or origin and shape).

Version 2.0: It's a professional product. In this one you can extract data from multi files and merge them. If you want to calculate the sum or average of data of a region, it can process them for you in an easy way. It has also 'Grid Number Calculator'.

Version 2.1: It's the same as V2.0 but in this version there is a graph API for plotting Isoline graph and Heat-map graph by .nc files.