I want to define a reusable process to reshape data what tool can you use to accomplish this?

If you have data in Excel that you need to reshape easily, you can use the Data-Tool Excel add-ins. This tool features three buttons designed to streamline the process. Here's a detailed description of each:

1- R2D Button: This button is for reshaping two-dimensional data. It converts row data into columnar format. For example, if you have data spread across multiple rows, using this button will rearrange the data into columns. To use it, simply select your two-dimensional data and click on the R2D button.

2- R1D Button: This button splits one column of data into multiple rows. For instance, if you have a column with 20 items and you want to divide them into 5 rows, select your data and click on the R1D button. In the dialog box that appears, enter '5' to reshape the data into 5 rows.

3- BCN Button: This button reshapes your data based on the rank number, class name, or any item in the first column. To use it, select your data in two columns and click the BCN button. This will reorganize the data according to the specified criteria in the first column.

I have created several tutorial videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to install the Data-Tool and reshape data in Excel. You can watch one of these videos below and find the rest on my YouTube channel.

Reusable Process to Reshape Data in Excel

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