Reshape data in excel?

A quick way to reshape your data in Excel is by using an Excel Add-in with the name of "Data-Tool". It's a simple way for reshaping from rows data to one column data and split one column data into several rows. You can watch several videos on youtube to know about the ability of this tool. Find this video in the below. Reshaping data is one of all abilities of this excel add-in.

Also you can read this page: I want to define a reusable process to reshape data what tool can you use to accomplish this?

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Install Data-Tool and follow these steps to reshape data:

  1. Open your Excel file and go to "Data Tool" tab
  2. Mark your data and click on "Reshape 1Dim" or "Reshape 2Dim", based on the format of your data. If your data is in one column so click on "Reshape 1Dim" otherwise click on "Reshape 2Dim".
  3. If you click on "Reshape 1Dim" so you should enter the number of the columns that you want in the textbox into the window.

Notice: The rows of the data that you mark should be dividable by the number of columns that you enter in the Textbox.

Reshape Data In Excel