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Which weather data are essential to calculate KBDI (Keetch-Byram Drought Index)?

By using daily precipitation (mm) and daily maximum temperature (C), KBDI has the potential to describe moisture deficiency in upper soil layer (Keetch and Byram 1968). KBDI that use minimum number of meteorological parameters (precipitation, maximum temperature), was originally developed for the southeastern forest of the United States and has been extensively used for fire potential assessment in the U.S. (Keetch and Byram 1968). This index, which conceptually describes the soil moisture (Dolling et al. 2005) with several simple criteria, is based on the amount of daily precipitation, daily maximum temperature and mean annual precipitation (KBDI Drought paper).

Keetch J J, Byram O M (1968) A drought index for forest fire control. USDA For Serv Southeastern For and Range Exp Stn Res Pap SE-38

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