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What is the price and ability of SD-GCM?

In this software user can make a database for applying every CMIP5 model under every RCP scenario. SDGCM with manual data entry of input values and other details are to be provided as a separate file. All CMIP5 models have an especial format in the name of models. Every model has developed by a special company, and every company produce an individual name. Therefore, there is a challenge to read the name of files by the software for every model. In this software, the user can easily browse the desired CMIP5 model for a specific variable. There is an option in the SDGCM software for evaluation data of models. In this step the user can assess the ability of the CMIP5 model with observation data, in a common period. The observation data would be in Excel format file and the order of data in the columns are not important, therefore user can easily load the input observation data without any concerns. There are six efficiency criteria for evaluation phase: Pearson Correlation, Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency, Spearman Correlation, RMSE (Root Mean Squared Error), d (index of agreement), and MAE (Mean Absolute Error).There are a complete help file in this package that describes all setup steps. For the price please visit the list of meteorological softwares.

Name: Muhammad Abrar