How can I calculate PDSI in excel?

We don't have any excel file for this calculation. But we've a unique software for do this. You can view sample of run of DMAP in Drought Monitoring And Prediction. In addition, you can order a service in AgriMetSoft Services

The Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) (Palmer, 1965), developed by Wayne C. Palmer in the early 1960's, was one of the first procedures to demonstrate success at quantifying the severity of droughts across different climates. The following explanation is based directly on Palmer's paper (Palmer, 1965), which describes in detail how to calculate the PDSI on a one-month time step. Each month of every year, four values related to the soil moisture are computed along with their complementary potential values. These eight values are evapotranspiration (ET), recharge (R), runoff (RO), loss (L), potential evapotranspiration (PE), potential recharge (PR), potential runoff (PRO), and potential loss (PL). The potential evapotranspiration is calculated using Rosenberg's description of Thornthwaite's method (Rosenberg, 1974). The calculation of these values depends heavily on the available water holding capacity (AWC) of the soil. The PDSI itself depends on a two-stage modeling of the soil. The top layer of soil is assumed to be able to hold one inch of moisture. The amount of moisture that can be held by the rest of the underlying soil is an input value, characteristic to that location, which must be fed into the program. Ref

PDSI - Palmer Drought Severity Index

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