How can I calculate origin and shape in NetCDF file (nc file)?

First of all, we should know the means of "Origin" and "Shape", What do they refer to? The "Origin" and "Shape" are the same as your "grid numbers". The grid number should be specified in each variable in the NetCDF file. For example, If in a NetCDF file, we have precipitation as a variable with three dimenssions, So "Origin" and "Shape" should be distinicted that in the "NetCDF Extractor Tool" they have shown as "From" and "Numbers", respectively. For showing these values, there are two ways: First, using "Grid Number Calculator" which is in the above "NetCDF Extractor Tool". Second, send an email to the Agrimetsoft and get an Excel file as a sample file, which is showed this activity.

For doing the first way, firstly, you need to specify the domain and the numbers of your grids in your NetCDF file. By opening the NetCDF file and do the mentioned processes you can achieve the specified values.

Also, you can watch origin and shape video in YouTube for this purpose. In this video file, you will learn to do this process easily, in a short time.