How can I do rotated pole projection?

If you can use NCL(NCAR Command Language) so you can view NCL Examples. But if you can not use NCL so you can use Open NC File tool to do that. All things will be done in behinde code by using UCAR Library. In version 1.0 you have one tab and you can enter(or input by file) the list of stations with coordinates the tool can extract data for all stations. In version 1.1, you have two tabs. The first tab is similar to V1.0 but in the second tab, you can enter the start/end of regular lat/lon of your region. Then the tool will extract data for all cells in the region and show each cell in one column. In other hands, in both versions, you can use every netcdf file even CORDEX data(or every rotated-pole lat/lon). This tool will do the projection of CORDEX data in behind code and you will not need any information about that. The calculation of Grid Numbers will do by UCAR library in behind code. It's so simple. Just try it.

What is Rotated Coordinates in CORDEX NetCDF Data and How to Convert

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