How can I read data from CORDEX .nc files?

You can use Netcdf Extractor for extracting time series from .nc, or .nc4 files. Netcdf Extractor version 2.0 can merge many netcdf4, or netcdf files and extract once. In CORDEX you should use rotated coordinate for calculating grid numbers.

It is necessary to know some discriptions about the CORDEX project. CORDEX is a WCRP-sponsored program to organize an international coordinated framework to produce an improved generation of regional climate change projections world-wide for input into impact and adaptation studies within the AR5 timeline and beyond.CORDEX data were calculated using Regional Climate Models (RCM) together with a technique called dynamical downscaling. A GCM, the driving model, is used to embed the domain in a simulated global climate, i.e. data from a global cliomate simulation is used as input for a RCM. For this forcing, usually 6hr or 3hr GCM data at the boundary of the domain is used, the so-called forcing data.

CORDEX involves over 20 Regional Climate Modeling and Statistical Downscaling groups and involves 2 phases. The first is a downscaling evaluation phase, where for example, Regional Climate Models are run, for a common region, over the recent past (1989-2008) forced by ERA-interim reanalysis boundary data. These simulations are then used to evaluate the performance of the downscaling methods for this particular region. Similar runs and analysis are made for all the CORDEX regions. The second phase uses output from a range of CMIP5 global climate projections for the period 1950-2100 as boundary data, to produce regionally downscaled climate projections for various regions at resolutions in the range 50km-10km.

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