How can i calculate Multi-model (GCMs) ensemble data?

You want to do ensembling the multi-model data so it means you have data of several models. Do you have these data in coarse-scale or have the data in the station scale?

If you have several models in coarse-scale so usually these models have not the same grids. Therefore you should regirid these data to a unique grid cell and this is your first challenge. You can use NCL(NCar programming Language) to do this. Then you can ensemble your data.

If you have station data so you can do bias correction on your data then all models will be in point scale and you can do ensembling.

To do ensemble you can read this page: How to Build an Ensemble Of Machine Learning Algorithms in R. However, you can order to AgriMetSoft to do it for you.

Name: Mohammad Kamruzzaman