How to combine (merge) multiple netcdf files into one?

Most of NetCDF files is unlimited in time dimension. It means that each part of the time period of netcdf files is in one file. For example AgMerra data has one file for each year and TRMM data has one file for each day, and ..... So, the user needs to merge or combine several NetCDF files to one and extract data once. NetCDF Extractor is a windows software for view, convert, and extract data from .nc and .nc4 files. This version can extract several nc files, simultaneously. When a user wants to extract several files of nc format, simultaneously, he/she requires to load them at a same time with together. In the first version of NetCDF Extractor, the user can load one file to extract desirable region, so AgriMetSoft has developed the new version of NetCDF Extractor (NetCDF Extractor V.2.0) for extracting many files at once. You can download NetCDF Extractor from

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