How to prepare DEM for SWAT model?

First of all, We should know what is DEM. DEM, stands for Digital Elevation Model that represents a terrain's surface. Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data play an important role in SWAT. The topographic attributes of the sub-basin, including area, slope, and field slope length are all derived from the DEM. So are channel length, channel slope, channel width, and channel depth, if the channel is automatically generated based on DEM but not previously defined. SWAT gets other informations based on Soil map, Land use map and weather data informed to it. In this tutorial, you can learn how to prepare soil map for SWAT model.

DEM data could be collected from three sources including DLG, ASTER GDEM and SRTM. The absolute vertical and horizontal accuracy of 1 arc s SRTM (SRTM1) was reported to be 16 m and 20 m (at 90% confidence). The 3 arc s (SRTM3, about 90 m resolution) was created by 3*3 averaging of the SRTM1 data. In this tutorial, data set of SRTM 1 Arc Second Global is used in order to show how to prepare DEM.

Watch the below video to know about How to prepare DEM for SWAT model.

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