How to prepare Soil map for SWAT model?

Soil and Water Assesment tool has been largely used around the world for a wide range of land management practices and hydroclimatic conditions. SWAT model has several linked databases for crops, soils, fertilizers, tillage and pesticides. Among these, soil properties are especially important as they are needed for the simulation of influential processes such as evapotranspiration, soil water balance, nutrient dynamics, and sediment transport.

One of the easiest ways to prepare soil map for SWAT model, is to use World wide soil maps including FAO soil map of the world. The FAO soil map of the world is at 1:5.000.000 scale and in Geographic projection system. What you have to do, is to download this shapefile and clip it to your study area boarders. In the video shown below, you can learn exactly how to go through this process.

Watch the below video to know about How to prepare Soil map for SWAT model.

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