How to read netcdf files?

NetCDF files have different types and the variables on it are so different. Firstly, you should know about a NetCDF file, then you can read data from NetCDF by using programming languages such as NCL, R, Matlab, NCO, etc.

For knowing about NetCDF files please read this page: Netcdf Viewer. If you don't want to use these languages so you can use our tools such as NetCDF Extractor or "Open NC File".

If you don't have any information about NetCDF files you can use "Open NC File" tool. This tool can read data from any geographical NetCDF files. A geographical NetCDF file is a NetCDF file with 3 dimensions, Latitude, Longitude, and time. In this tool, you can enter the regular coordinates of stations or start/end of lat/lon of a region.

But in NetCDF Extractor you should use Grid Numbers instead of coordinates and so you should calculate the Grid Numbers based on your coordinate. This calculation in the rotated pole coordinate system is so difficult but It will be done in behind code of "Open NC File" Tool.

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