I need to calculate BMDI you can include in your improvements.

I need to calculate BMDI you can include in your improvements. I got stuck in deciding the values that can be used to draw negative linear regression curve.

As we know, there are different drought indices for drought monitoring and quantifying. The Bhalme and Mooley Drought Index (BMDI) was developed by Bhalme and Mooley in 1980. It is a simplified version of the Palmer Index. BMDI is a drought index that provides a satisfactory measure of the current status of agricultural drought. Unlike other meteorological drought indices, like the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), BMDI is designed to evaluate the degree of severity and frequency of prolonged periods of abnormally dry conditions.

The value BMDI= -4 to severe historical droughts and propotionaly higher values to normal (BMDI= 0) and severely wet (BMDI=4) conditions. BMDI is a simple index requiring only precipitation data.The drought index BMDI is calculated from daily time scale of precipitation.

Agrimetsoft has created a code for BMDI calculation, but we did not add it in DMAP (Drought Monitor And Prediction) because It's not so usable, when the Palmer Drought Index (PDSI) has been calculated in DMAP (Drought Monitor And Prediction). If you want calculate BMDI, you can order a service in AgriMetSoft.

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