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Is there any software through we can get the future data for drought forecasting?

Drought forecasting needs future data. You can access to future climate data by using KNN WG or SD GCM tool. In other hands, you can use DMAP tool for forecasting drought. I will describe this 3 methods in bellow:

1- The KNN Weather Generator is a tool for lead time simulation of daily weather data based on K-nearest-neighbor approach. The user can load seven different variables, for example Tmin, Tmax, Rain, Srad, ETo, WSPD, and Humidity. Then, the user can load the input data and run KNN Weather Generator. After you generate data by KNN WG then you can use them in MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor) or RDIT (Rain-based Drought Indices Tool) for drought forecasting.

2- The SD GCM (Statistical Downscaling of General Circulation Models) is a useful tool for downscaling CMIP5 models under RCPs Scenarios. There are a numerous number of statistical downscaling (SD) methods. In this tool there are four statistical downscaling models: the Delta, QM (Panofsky and Briar, 1968), EQM (Boe et al., 2007) and a new method that is called FlashSort. You can use the output of SD GCM in MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor) or RDIT (Rain-based Drought Indices Tool) for drought forecasting.

3- In DMAP(Drought Monitor And Prediction) the input file can be in different format files, namely csv, xls, xlsx, and also nc (NetCDF). Due to you can use Netcdf files, so you can use CMIP5 or CORDEX data for future. Therefore drought forecasting can apply in DMAP(Drought Monitor And Prediction) by this method.

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