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Taylor diagrams can be used to graphically summarize how close a set of patterns (in this case a set of models) match observations. This is achieved by plotting the standard deviation of the time series of the model values and the correlation (the Pearson product-moment correlation) between the time series of the model values and the observations.

Taylor also noted the geometric connection between correlation, standard deviation and the centered pattern RMS difference, and found that all three could be plotted simultaneously. A further advantage of the Taylor diagram is that different parameters can be plotted together by normalizing (i.e. making dimensionless) their standard deviations. Taylor diagrams, that have been made in order to effectively use them to visualize model outputs for multiple parameters, thus providing greater insight into the models' relative skill.

There are different software for Taylor Diagram, namely MATLAB toolbox, NCL (Ncar Command Language), R packages, and other programming languages. If you can make codes in every software for Taylor Diagram, then you can easily plot it in the specific environment of that software for Taylor Diagram. Otherwise, it would not be easy for you to depict the Taylor Diagram.

The first question for a researcher who seek about how can he/she draw Taylor Diagram would be: "What are the software for Taylor Diagram?" There are different sophisticate programming codes in different web pages, but most of them are not easy to understand. Agrimetsoft can easy respond to you that what are the software for Taylor Diagram? Due to Agrimetsoft has developed a user-friendly software tool with name of Taylor Diagram software. By Taylor Diagram software you can easy draw Taylor Diagram. By visiting the related video in YouTube, you can know the software for Taylor Diagram.

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Taylor Diagram Software