What are the AgMERRA's extension of datasets?

Notice: Recently, the format of the files of AgMerra dataset has changed to HDF format. We added this ability to Open NC File tool and it can read data from HDF Files of AgMerra dataset.

There are different sources of data which all of the present data in different spatial and temporal time scales. These sources including: In-situ data (such as synoptic stations), gridded datasets (such as AgMERRA), and etc., and the format of data is related to the spatial and temporal resolutions and also the peripheral information. One of these sources is AgMERRA (Agricultural NASA Modern-Era Restrospective Analysis for Research and Applications) dataset.

According to the sources of data in NASA website, the extension of AgMERRA are nc4. The datasets are stored at 0.25 degree * 0.25 degree horizontal resolution (around 25km), with global coverage and daily values from 1980-2010 in order to form a "current period" climatology.

This format of data (nc4) is not easy to read. There are some ways to view, read, and extract this format of data such ArcGIS, NCL, and etc. but we advise you to use NetCDF extractor in this website. This tool can install easy in your system and with tracking the help file you can extract your intent region very soon, and without any concerns. Just try it! Also, if you have any problem, you can easily send an email to Kolsoomi57@gmail.com and get guidance with further clarifications.

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