What are the sources of data in MDM ( Meteorological Drought Monitoring) software

Drought is a stochastic natural hazard that is instigated by intense and persistent shortage of precipitation. Drought indices are very important to monitor and to assess drought, because they simplify complex interrelationships between many climate parameters. Drought indices allow scientists to assess quantitatively drought events in terms of their intensity, duration, frequency and spatial extent (Wilhite et al. 2000). So, we need a tool for quantifying drought events through drought indices. In meteorological drought type, we have several drought indices which eight of them refer to rain-based drought indices. In this regard, Agrimetsoft has developed a tool for calculating rain-based drought indices.

We developed the MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor) software package for calculating different precipitation-based meteorological drought indices. The MDM software package is currently based on calculations from two sources of data. The first is the weather station data file, which includes daily precipitation in Excel format. The second one is a database of daily precipitation from AgMERRA. The user can click the map on the desired point in the package and calculate all indices at 0.25 degree grid location over Middedl-east, but if you want to use it for other region, just send an email to Agrimetsoft to customize MDM for that region.(Salehnia et al., 2017 - Drought By AgMerra).

By MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor), you can easily calculate eight rain-based drought indices. With MDM (Meteorological Drought Monitor), without any concerns about your order of columns in the Excel input file, you can assign the related column, and then with only one click, you can achieve your intent index.

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