What does your refund policy?

As you know, Agrimetsoft has different applicable tools. The refund process is related to the abilities of each tool which is developed by Agrimetsoft. Indeed, there are different abilities which all of them have been introduced in the related tool's pages. So, if the purchased tool couldn't do the introduced abilities in the Agrimetsoft page, then the user can refund the purchased tool.

For example, for the Netcdf Extractor tool:You can refund Netcdf Extractor if it can't extract your nc file. If your problem doesn’t relevant to our product (may be it is related to your incorrect selection), in this case, we can’t refund your order.

All the published tools which has been developed by Agrimetsoft are available in the All Products. IIn this page, we have tried to provide a summary description for each tool, and by clicking on the name of the tool, you can easily redirect to the main page of the tool.