What is the effect of climate change on drought?

You can use GCMs data for calculating drought indices in NetCDF format. In DMAP(Drought Monitoring And Prediction), user can input many NetCDF file and extract data from all files as time series then the data will export to the software and you can calculate any indices. DMAP(Drought Monitoring And Prediction) can calculate 19 indices and severity bu using favorite threshold. As we know, there are three main drought types, namely meteorological, agricultural, and hydrological droughts. The DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction) software can calculate different drought indices in three different types of drought. In the monitoring phase in DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction) software, through selecting every index, the user can calculating it and then by available graphs (line, columnar, and Boxplot), the user can monitoring the happened drought event in various time scale in the study area. In the prediction phase, the user by importing the outputs of GCMs models in DMAP(Drought Monitoring And Prediction) tool, he/she can calculate every index the he wants for future period.

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