What steps do you follow for drought monitor?

For monitoring drought in any region in the world, you need to follow 3 steps:

1- Selecting type of drought that you want to monitor. You can monitor agricultural drought or meteorological drought or hydrological drought. Each type of drought has specific indices and so, needs specific data.

2- Prepare data for monitoring drought. Based on type of drought monitor and your index, you'll need weather data such as rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration, stream flow, or etc. You can use station data or gridded datasets.

3- Calculate your index, after you select the index or indices, you can use one of three windows software in AgriMetSoft website. If you want monitor meteorological drought, you can use "MDM" (Meteorological Drought Monitoring) if you want monitor meteorological drought and calculate severity, you can use RDIT (Rain-based Drought Indices Tool) if you want do complete drought monitoring(agricultural drought or meteorological drought or hydrological drought) you use DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction).

In DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction) you can input data in Netcdf, excel (xls or xlsx), text, csv. DMAP has a database for precipitation and evapotranspiration in each 0.5 degree (50Km). You can use inner database and calculate most of indices. You can calculate severity and plot graphs. This tool support line graphs and Boxplot and Column. In calculation of severity in DMAP (Drought Monitoring And Prediction) the user can select severity of drought period and wet period. The threshold of severity will select by user. For example for SPI, the user can select threshold equal to 0 or -0.99

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