Where Can I get Historical Weather Data By City?

There is a lot of websites to get synoptic station data for a city but I think the best way is using a Gridded dataset such as AgMerra, Aphrodite, CPC, GPCC to get historical weather data by city. You can find several useful links to these datasets in the below.

The format of data in most of these datasets is NetCDF format. For working with NetCDF, scholars and researchers need to apply different programming languages, such as NCL, ArcGIS, MATLAB, and others. So working with NetCDF format files is not easy. In this regard, Agrimetsoft has tried to develop different versions of NetCDF for solving this problem with user-friendly NetCDF tools.

You can use the Open NC File tool and get a time series of the historical weather data by city and using the latitude and longitudes.

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Useful Links - Global Gridded Data: