Where can I find a software for converting netcdf files?

First of all, I prefer to speak about NetCDF (nc) format file. If we want to work with some of the data with different dimensions, so we can't use a txt file, xlsx file or other simple formats of data. Indeed, we need a complete format which can store a variable with different characteristics, including Dimensions, attributes, and etc. The NetCDF data types char, byte, short, int, float or real, and double are all acceptable. The char type is not intended for numeric data. One byte numeric data should be stored using the byte data type.

NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) is designed to facilitate access to array-oriented scientific data. NetCDF is a portable, "self-describing" format. This means that there is a header which describes the layout of the rest of the file, in particular the data arrays, as well as arbitrary file metadata in the form of name/value attributes. The additional information about a file or variable is commonly called "meta data" (information about the data).

However, A NetCDF dataset contains dimensions, variables, and attributes, which all have both a name and an ID number by which they are identified. These components can be used together to capture the meaning of data and relations among data fields in an array-oriented dataset. The NetCDF library allows simultaneous access to multiple NetCDF datasets which are identified by dataset ID numbers, in addition to ordinary file names. Indeed, NetCDF is an interface for array-oriented data access and is used for representing scientific data.

You can convert any NetCDF file by Netcdf Extractor. This is a software for extracting time series from NetCDF files and convert them to csv, excel, or text files. You can use this software as a netcdf viewer, freely in windows.

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