Where do I find an introduction and overview of Netcdf Extractor?

You can find a complete discription by clicking on Help of Netcdf Extractor and Overview of Netcdf Extractor and related Videos about the implementations of the Netcdf Extractor.

If a researcher would need to work and access meteorological data on a daily, monthly, and annual scale with different attributes for all regions of the world (with three and four dimensions), he/she cannot easily work with them by other format files (Excel, text, etc.), since these format of data have different dimensions and attributes, so they have a large capacity and they have been called metadata. In this case, he/she faces a lot of trouble.

Consequently, there is a need for a specific data format so that the data can be easily process. Therefore, NetCDF format file are so essential to maintenance of metadata. This format of data files are quite large and many users need to access small subsets of large datasets -in various formats- for representing scientific data. These datasets may differ in size, number of dimensions and may represent data for different regions.

By considering these troubles, Agrimetsot has tried to present a complete and user-friendly tool which can easily work with NetCDF (nc, and nc4) format files. In this regard, at the first time, Agrimetsoft developed the first version of NetCDF tool, with the name of "NetCDF version 1.0", then our users requested to develop a more complete tool, and the second version of NetCDF has been published with the name of "NetCDF version 1.1".

After a while, by testing and applying the pervious versions, Agrimetsoft developed two other wonderful and most easiest tools with the name of "NetCDF version 2.0" and "NetCDF version 2.1". These software tools were warmly welcomed by our users, and all of our users mentioned that their project has done very well and they saved the times of related works.

Then, Agrimetsoft developed other easiest and professional tools, such as "Open NC File" and "CORDEX Data Extractor". These tools are very easy to use, and if the users can't easily work with the oldest versions, they can easily apply the two latest versions.

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