You have the registration key of the Agrimetsoft’s product, but you don't know where can you enter key?

Some of our software tools have a menu or tab for registration. However, in some of the software tools you should do your process, if your software doesn't register, you will face a window in the software which asks the registration key. In this case, if the software doesn't request you for registration, it has been registered.

Agrimetsoft has tried to develop different applicable tools in the field of water, drought, read various sources of data, meteorology and other related concepts. We invite you to send us your request, and if you want to customize each of the available tools, send an email to the support of Agrimetsoft (

If you want to speed up your project's steps and save your time and money, JUST APPLY AGRIMETSOFT's TOOLS. Our users are satisfied with performing our tools. We receive different requests that the users want to customize our available tools, related to the demands of them. As well, we welcome new ideas and innovations for developing appropriate and user-friendly tools. Please let us know, your new ideas and share them with me for new publications.