How can I plot contour or heat-map graph over the region from NetCDF files?

You can using Netcdf Extractor V2.1 for plotting contour or heat-map graph. In Netcdf Extractor, you can extract data in region(multiple lat grids and multiple lon grids) and plot contour or heatmap graphs for this region data. Netcdf Extractor can extract any netcdf file and merge many netcdf files.

Netcdf Extractor V2.1 is the same as NetCDF Extractor V2.0, but it has an API for plotting contour and heatmap graphs and a button for exporting all extracted data without getting average. In Netcdf Extractor Version 2.1, there is an advantage to merging the files that they have not an unlimited dimension or has no time dimension.

In the first version of NetCDF Extractor, the NetCDF user can load one file to extract desirable region. Many users need to run several files simultaneously. Therefore, Agrimetsoft has developed the new version of NetCDF Extractor (NetCDF Extractor V.2.0) for extracting many files at the same time.

It is necessary for a user to knows the concept of heat-map and also contour. A heat map (or heatmap) is a graphical representation of data where the individual values contained in a matrix are represented as colors. "Heat map" is a newer term but shading matrices have existed for over a century.

A contour line (also isoline, isopleth, or isarithm) of a function of two variables is a curve along which the function has a constant value, so that the curve joins points of equal value. A contour plot is a graphical technique for representing a 3-dimensional surface by plotting constant z slices, called contours, on a 2-dimensional format. That is, given a value for z, lines are drawn for connecting the (x,y) coordinates where that z value occurs. A contour map is a map illustrated with contour lines, for example a topographic map, which thus shows valleys and hills, and the steepness or gentleness of slopes. The contour interval of a contour map is the difference in elevation between successive contour lines.