MDM gives a seasonal SPI but how to calculate the same for SW Monsoon NE monsoon seasons of India. SW covers JJAS and NE covers OND months. Please help us in this regard?

MDM is the first software that it has been developed by AgriMetSoft in 3 years ago. It's not complete software. We've another software that its name is RDIT. RDIT is user friendly but also in rdit, you can't use desirable season. Another software is DMAP and it's comprehensive. In DMAP you can use desirable season. DMAP is a complete drought monitoring. By this software the user can input data in txt, excel, csv, Netcdf format in daily, monthly, and yearly time scale. DMAP has inner database based on cru data for all the world in every 0.5 deg. User can create regions in map and get average data by inner database. The database is available for rain and PET. In DMAP, user can calculate 18 indices such as PDSI, SWSI, SMDI, SPEI, ETDI ... in monthly, seasonally, and yearly. These indices are Meteorological, Hydrological, and Agricultural indices. User can plot Line graph and BoxPlot, and columnar graphs for the index. User can calculate severity and plot graphs for severity. DMAP is available to order just for institutions.

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