what are the abilities of netcdf-extractor?

If you want to work with NetCDF (nc or nc4) files, you should work with different programming languages such as NCL, ArcGIS, Matlab, Python or others. If you can't work with these software tools you have lots of different issues. By considering these troubles, Agrimetsot has tried to present a complete and user-friendly tool which can easily work with NetCDF (nc, and nc4) format files. In this regard, at the first time, Agrimetsoft developed the first version of NetCDF tool, with the name of "NetCDF Extractor version 1.0", then our users requested to develop a more complete tool, and the second version of NetCDF has been published with the name of "NetCDF Extractor version 1.1".

After a while, by testing and applying the pervious versions, Agrimetsoft developed two other wonderful and most easiest tools with the name of "NetCDF Extractor version 2.0" and "NetCDF Extractor version 2.1". These software tools were warmly welcomed by our users, and all of our users mentioned that their project has done very well and they saved the times of related works.

Then, Agrimetsoft developed other easiest and professional tools, such as "Open NC File" for work with Geo2D Netcdf files(a netcdf file with time,latitude, and longitude dimension) and "CORDEX Data Extractor" for extract data from rotated pole grid Netcdf files of CORDEX. These tools are very easy to use, and if the users can't easily work with the oldest versions, they can easily apply the two latest versions.

You can find the list of abilities of all the versions of the netcdf extractor, as follows:

- By Netcdf Extractor, you can extract data from NetCDF file for points or regions, you just need to calculate grid numbers.

- For calculating grid numbers we support you by traininig of the use of "Grid Number Calculator" or creating an excel file for your files. If you can not calculate the Grid Numbers and your NetCDF variable has 3 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time) so it is better to use Open NC File. It is so wonderful tool for extract data from geographical NetCDF files.

- Please watch the videos in our chanel in youtube netcdf videos

- This software tools can extract all netcdf or netcdf4 files. If you want to test it, you can download and browse your netcdf file, if the software request register key, then Netcdf extractor can extract your data.

- If you contact with the support of Agrimetsoft, you can get an excel file for calculating Grid Numbers. This file is a sample for AgMerra Grids Calculation.

I- Netcdf Extractor Version 1.0,1.1

- You can open every NetCDF file by 'Another Files' Tab

- You can open CMIP5 NetCDF file by 'CMIP5 Files' Tab

- You can calculate Grid Numbers of your file by using Grid Number Calculator in Netcdf Extractor version 1.1

- You can export extracted data to excel, csv, and json files.

II- Netcdf Extractor Version 2.0

- In this version you can merge multiple netcdf files in unlimited dimension.

- In this version you can extract data of 4-dims variables in the first tab.

- You can calculate Grid Numbers of your NetCDF file by using Grid Number Calculator.

- You can get summation or average of the region data.

III- Netcdf Extractor Version 2.1

- This version of Netcdf-Extractor has all ability of Version 2.0

- In this version you can merge multiple NetCDF files in unlimited dimension or time dimension or any dimension that you select.

- In this version you can plot heatmap or contour graphs if you extract region data.

- There is a button for getting all data of regions(not average or sum) to table, then you can export them to the file.

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