How to Convert NC File In Excel

First of all please visit this page(What Is an NC File?) to know about the NC files.

To store huge weather data in a file, the Unidata make a format of the file for this purpose. So converting NC file to Excel is not recommended. But if you want to know How to Convert NC File In Excel so there is a lot of way for this purpose and the simplest way is using the Panoply tool. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and open Panoply tool
  2. Open your file by using File-Open
  3. Right-click on your variable
  4. Select 'Export CSV...'

We recommend you extract data from your NC files for your stations or region instead of converting NC files to Excel. Usually, scholars and researchers use different programming languages, such as NCL, ArcGIS, MATLAB, and others to extract data from NC files. However, you can use one of our tools to extract data from any NC file. Please watch the below videos to know about them. Find here All NetCDF Tool

How to Convert NC File to Excel

How To Open NC File

NetCDF to Excel or CSV

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