How to open .nc file and convert data into readable format?

NetCDF is a file format that the extension shows by nc. The three major components of a NetCDF file are described as: 1-Attributes, 2- Dimensions, and 3- Variables.

1- Attributes can contain some information about an entire NetCDF file or about a single NetCDF variable. Each attribute has a name, and also it has a data type and length associated with it. It is common to repeat attribute names for each variable, i.e. every variable in a netCDF file might have an attribute named "Units". Note, however, that variables cannot have multiple attributes with the same names.

2- Dimensions are named integers that are used to specify the size of one or more variables. Each dimension must have a unique name, but a variable and dimension can share a name. Most often the unlimited dimension is used as a temporal variable, allowing data to be appended to an existing netCDF file.

3- Variables are multidimensional arrays of values of the same data type. Each variable has a size, type, and name associated with it. Variables can also have attributes that describe them.

To read and view files in this format, you can use various programming languages such as Matlab, R, NCL, and others. While these programming languages offer robust options for opening and displaying .nc files, the Netcdf-Extractor tool, and Open NC File tool provide a user-friendly alternative for opening and extracting time series from NetCDF files. Recognizing that not all researchers are comfortable with programming, Agrimetsoft developed this easy-to-use software tool. You can open and only view .nc files using the free version of Netcdf-Extractor, and we offer complete support for extracting your data.

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